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All in our database:

Windows Defender Prevented An Unrecognized Software fake alert
Windows Detected Alureon Virus Pop-up
Windows Firewall Warning Alert
Windows Pc Repair
Windows Security Alert! 1-888-220-3607
Windows Security Warning Popup Scam


You Have Won Microsoft Gift Today fake alert
Your computer has adware / spyware virus
Your computer has been blocked 1-888-565-0999
Your Computer Has Been Locked To Prevent Damage fake alert
Your Computer Is In Blocked State fake alert
Your Computer May Have A Virus Scary Alert
Your Mac Is Heavily Damaged Alerts
Your System Is Heavily Damaged By Virus Tech Support fake alert
Your Windows (Microsoft) Computer has been blocked


"Bad Rabbit Attack" Scam
"Microsoft has detected some suspicious activity" +1-844-313-8541
"Windows ran into an unexpected error" 1-844-313-8541
"Your Windows has been blocked" +1-844-528-4333
"[filename].exe contained a virus and was deleted."
'44-8000-903-274' Pop-Ups
'Internet Security Alert! Code: 055BCCAC9FEC' Pop up
'Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet Due To Security Breach' Pop-Up
(844) 465-8251
****Dont Restart Your Computer ****Call technical support 0800-014-8831
**Your Computer has been blocked** +1-(888)941-3234
+1-833-889-1888 BSOD Fake Message
0-800-098-8052 Pop-Ups
024-7718-0138 Support
0800-014-8604 Pop-Up
1-800-418-4202 TechScam
1-800-953-457 Pop-Ups
1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal
1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal
1-877-884-5474 Google Security Warning Message
1-888-535-7102 TechScam
1800-935-6918 Driver_irql_not_les_or_equal

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