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Danger level 5

Call technical support +1 888-640-5832

Call technical support +1 888-640-5832 pop-up might ask you to contact IT specialists as soon as possible because of some fatal system error or other computer issues. As you probably realize it yourself the displayed warning is a fake one since the operating system or any programs belonging to it would never ask the user to call anybody. According to our researchers, the pop-up must have been created by some computer hackers who seek to scam users by selling them remote computer services or suspicious software. Therefore, you should not waste your time and money while trying to contact these scammers. Instead, we advise you to continue reading the text to learn more about this threat and then use the instructions placed below the article to eliminate Call technical support +1 888-640-5832 warning once and for all.

The fake pop-up most likely comes as a redirect, since before it is displayed the user should be redirected to website. The question is how this site gets opened without any permission? Our researchers say the web page could be loaded by some suspicious recently downloaded application, for example, a browser extension. In the worst case scenario, it could be a sign that you accidentally downloaded malicious programs. In this kind of a situation, you may need to scan the computer with a trustworthy security tool, if you want to remove the main threat’s source. If that is what you decide to do, make sure you acquire a legitimate antimalware tool you could trust; keep it updated, and it may help you avoid malware or other threats in the future.

At first, the mentioned website should show you a background similar to Windows blue error screen and a fictitious Windows Defender window. On top of it, you should see Call technical support +1 888-640-5832 fake warning. It might be titled as “Windows Defender says” and it could say something like “your system has detected possible Suspicious Activity.” The rest of the text simply urges you to call the so-called Microsoft-certified technicians. Strangely the telephone number is mentioned at least four times. Also, with each mention, the pop-up should stress that it is a toll-free number. Since none of the warning’s statements are true, the number is probably not toll-free at all, on the contrary calling it might be extremely expensive. Thus, calling it could be most unwise.

What’s more, it would seem that if you click the OK or X button provided on the pop-up the threat might change the background and show you the other version of Call technical support +1 888-640-5832 fake warning. This other pop-up could be displayed on top of a black screen containing specific data about the computer’s hard drive. The second warning should be smaller as it does not provide so much text as the first one. Again it urges not to take any actions on your own and call the certified technicians. Of course, if you dial the given number, the people who pick up the phone would only pretend to be from the Microsoft support team. We cannot say what their exact goal is, but based on other similar situations we may say that these scammers might try to gain access to the computer so they could steal data or infect it with malware. It is even possible they could try to get your money by selling you overpriced or unreliable software. This is why you should do all you can to remove Call technical support +1 888-640-5832 pop-up as soon as possible instead of calling these hackers.

The warning should not lock the browser, but it might hide the mouse’s cursor inside the website you get redirected to. However, it should not stop you from closing the tab or the browser. After the browser is closed, it is important to reset it and find the threat responsible for Call technical support +1 888-640-5832 pop-up’s appearance. If these tasks look difficult, take a look at the instructions placed below, and they will show you how to reset the browsing application and delete suspicious extensions from it. As we mentioned earlier, the fake warning could be displayed by a malicious program too, so it might be best to scan the computer with a reliable antimalware tool as well since in such case the steps provided in the instructions might be simply not enough to delete the threat entirely.

Erase suspicious browser extensions

Internet Explorer

  1. Press ALT+X.
  2. Click on Manage add-ons.
  3. Select Toolbars and Extensions.
  4. Find the unreliable add-on and erase it.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+A.
  2. Go to Extensions.
  3. Select the suspicious application.
  4. Press Remove.

Google Chrome

  1. Tap ALT+F.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Pick More tools and choose Extensions.
  4. Select the unwanted extension and click the trash bin button.
  5. Press Remove.

Reset the browsing application

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+X.
  2. Go to Internet Options.
  3. Select Advanced and select Reset.
  4. Choose Delete personal settings.
  5. Press Reset again and click Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the Help icon.
  2. Select Troubleshooting information.
  3. Press Refresh Firefox.
  4. Click Refresh Firefox again and pick Finish.

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F.
  2. Click on Settings and slide down.
  3. Select Show advanced settings.
  4. Scroll down again and pick Reset Settings.
  5. Press Reset.
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