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Critical Security Warning! Scam

If you have faced the Critical Security Warning! Scam, you must be operating a Mac operating system. Although Mac operating systems are pretty resistant to most malicious infections – especially if you look at the malware that is targeted at Windows users – cyber criminals, from time to time, create threats that are specifically targeted at Mac and Safari users as well. The scam we are discussing in this report is represented via malicious pages that users are most likely to be redirected to via other malicious sites. Misleading pop-ups and corrupted links could be used to redirect them. While it is unlikely that malware is responsible for this threat, that is a possibility we have to look into as well. Obviously, if they exist, we will try to help you remove Critical Security Warning! Scam-related infections as soon as possible. Have you become a victim of this malicious scam already? If you have, keep in mind that your virtual security might be at risk. Keep reading this report to learn more about this devious scam.

Critical Security Warning! Scam is introduced to users as a security warning that is allegedly shown to warn you about some looming danger. There might be several different versions of this threat, but the one our research team tested, indicated a security error by the code “HT201169,” which was classified as a “Critical Security Warning.” According to the fake alert, your operating system is under an attack, and personal information is targeted. It is suggested that the attackers are after your logins, banking information, and virtual activity. While there are infections that can steal private information and enable malicious parties to impersonate you online, the information represented via the Critical Security Warning! Scam is misleading. The scary information is introduced to you only so that you would call a bogus helpline number that, allegedly, is administered by “certified” Apple technicians. This bogus helpline number is +1-888-225-6662. Although it is suggested that calling this number will not cost you a thing, you are most likely to be charged for the call.

Schemers who use bogus helpline numbers might have all kinds of intentions. Once you call them, they might evaluate the situation and modify their tactics accordingly. If you are more gullible, you could be tricked into downloading malware. In the worst case scenario, this malware could enable remote access, via which cyber criminals could do all kinds of things. It is also possible that schemers behind the Critical Security Warning! Scam could try to trick you into disclosing personal information. If they succeed, they could impersonate you and use your identity to carry out other scams. All in all, nothing good can come out of you calling +1-888-225-6662, and so we strongly recommend against it. If you want to call real Apple tech support, go to getsupport.apple.com, select your device, and choose the best way to get help. If you have called the bogus number linked to the Critical Security Warning! Scam, think what kind of information you have disclosed. Maybe you can do something to protect yourself. Real Apple tech support should be able to help you solve all security-related issues.

Although it is most likely that the bogus Critical Security Warning! Scam warning shows up after you click a malicious link or a pop-up, there always is a possibility that malicious files, applications, or extensions are involved too. The guide below shows how to erase files and folders, as well as extensions from Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Hopefully, this guide covers all bases, and you can successfully delete Critical Security Warning! Scam for good. If you are struggling with that, make sure you seek help. As mentioned already, Apple tech support – the real one – should be able to solve all issues that are linked to this scam, but you can also add a comment below with any question you might have. Our last advice is to be more cautious online. Do not pay attention to bogus warnings, but do not ignore them either because they might signal the existence of something truly serious.

Critical Security Warning! Scam Removal

  1. Open Finder and then select Applications.
  2. Drag unwanted applications to the Trash.
  3. Open Finder, select Go, and then click Go to folder…
  4. Enter /Library/LaunchAgents into the field.
  5. Drag unwanted files to the Trash.
  6. In the Go to folder window enter /Library/Application Support.
  7. Drag unwanted items to the Trash.
  8. In the Go to folder window enter ~/Library/LaunchAgents.
  9. Drag unwanted files to the Trash.
  10. In the Go to folder window enter /Library/LaunchDaemons.
  11. Drag unwanted files to the Trash.
  12. Open Safari, click the Safari icon, and select Preferences.
  13. Uninstall unfamiliar extensions.
  14. Open Firefox, click the menu icon on the top-right, select Add-ons.
  15. Go to Extensions and then Remove unfamiliar extensions.
  16. Open Chrome and click the menu icon on the top-right corner.
  17. Select More tools and then go to Extensions.
  18. Find the unwanted add-on, click the trash icon, and select Remove.
  19. Empty Trash to eliminate all components completely.
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