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Your Battery Is Damaged By Viruses

Your Battery Is Damaged By Viruses appears to be a fictitious alert that was reported to be troubling mobile phone users. To be more precise, researchers say it mainly shows up on Apple iPhones, although similar fake messages can be encountered by users of different devices too. According to this particular warning the mobile phone is infected with viruses and might be already damaged. Besides, it might say it could be harmed even further if the user does not get rid of the malware affecting it. As a solution, the fictitious alert may offer to download a specific application through its provided link. It is essential to understand the information provided by the Your Battery Is Damaged By Viruses message is false, which means there are no viruses on the device. However, if you click the threat’s provided links and install what it asks you could infect the system with Trojans or other malicious programs. Therefore, we advise closing the warning as fast as possible. For more information about it, we invite you to read the rest of the article.

First of all, it would be useful to know where threats like Your Battery Is Damaged By Viruses might come from. Our researchers say the fictitious message is most likely spread via unreliable or potentially malicious web pages. To be more accurate, we believe the warning should appear after the user interacts with suspicious pop-ups, banners, or other similar content and gets redirected to the threats website. Naturally, to avoid such situations in the future, we would recommend being cautious while surfing the Internet. As tempting some advertisements or sites may seem to be it would be best to stay away from them if you are not sure they can be trusted. Also, it would be wise to be careful when installing new applications. There are plenty of potentially dangerous tools that might look like they should be useful, but in reality, they do not much else besides showing untrustworthy advertising material or redirecting to doubtful third-party web pages.

Furthermore, once the Your Battery Is Damaged By Viruses alert is displayed the user should see a text saying something similar to this: “Your system is heavily damaged by Four virus!” To give a better explanation the warning may claim “your Apple iPhone is 28.1% DAMAGED.” The suspicious part is it says “we detect” without giving a proper explanation what is displaying the message in question. Being in panic and all, less experienced users could quickly assume it comes from the device's operating system. To make it look even more convincing, the alert may say you caught viruses while visiting web pages with adult content. Then to make it look scarier, it might say the infection you received “will corrupt your contacts, photos, data, applications , etc.” Eventually, the fictitious warning should claim you can prevent it all from happening if you install an application called Applock. The Your Battery Is Damaged By Viruses alert might even provide a link leading to a site from which it could be downloaded. It says it is available on Google Play, but it is entirely possible the threat could redirect you to a fake Google play site.

Under such circumstances, we highly recommend not to follow the instructions provided by the Your Battery Is Damaged By Viruses message. Otherwise, you might end up installing Trojans, viruses, or other vicious malware on your mobile phone. In which case it could receive actual damage depending on the malicious application that enters the system. The best way to deal with this situation is to close the window showing the fake alert or whole browser as soon as possible to eliminate the warning. Plus, make sure you do not visit the site from which were redirected to this alert ever again. If you have a question or a few about the Your Battery Is Damaged By Viruses message, feel free to write us a comment below.

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