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Unknown System Failure Scam Tech Support Scam

Unknown System Failure Scam Tech Support Scam is yet another tech support scam that you can be redirected to from an affiliated website, but a malicious browser extension can open in a new tab as well. No matter how you get to see it, you ought to remove whatever is showing it to you or not visit the website that promotes it. As a scam, it tries to convince you of something that is not true. In this particular case, this scam says that your PC has been infected with malware and that your information was stolen. To combat the alleged malware, you are offered to call a promoted tech support phone number. However, all the fake tech support personnel will do is offer useless antimalware software that may be paid. For more information, please continue reading this article.

There are two ways by which you can get redirected to Unknown System Failure Scam Tech Support Scam. We have received information saying that affiliated websites can redirect you to this scam’s web page when you visit it and click a link that triggers loading this scam on a new tab. Also, a site can load the page automatically. Furthermore, it is also likely that this scam’s developers use browser extensions to load this scam at random while you browse the web. The name of this extension is unknown, but it is likely that it exists. If that is the case, then this extension should come bundled with malicious installers that may inject it into your browser without your knowledge or authorization. The malicious extension can come bundled with legitimate software, and the bundles can be featured on shady freeware distributing websites.

Our research has revealed that Unknown System Failure Scam Tech Support Scam is opened in a new tab. It is hosted on Msoft.com-msoft435.info that masquerades as a Microsoft-owned website. While on this site, two dialog boxes are opened. The one on the top says “Error: Unknown System Failure.” The dialog box behind the first one says heading “YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED” and claims that your PC has been infected with malware that stole your email and Facebook account logins, credit card credentials, and personal photos. All of this is not true, however, because these claims are made for the purpose of encouraging you to dial the promoted fake tech support number. At the very bottom of the box, it is said that you need to contact “engineers” to prevent your PC from being disabled and delete the malware. However, all of this is just a primitive attempt at convincing you to dial 888-576-1517, a fake tech support number. The people masquerading as Microsoft personnel may want to convince you to purchase useless software, so you should not trust anything they say.

So there is doubt Unknown System Failure Scam Tech Support Scam is malicious in that it tries to trick you into calling fake tech support staff for assistance in dealing with non-existing malware on your PC. This scam’s creators have been setting up similar scams for a while now, and it looks like there is no end in sight yet. Therefore, you must stay vigilant and try to avoid visit websites that open new tabs or pop-up windows that offer updates or claim that your PC is under threat. You should only take the warnings of your anti-malware program seriously, and if you do not have one, then we suggest you consider getting one so you that you would not have to deal with pesky scams such as Unknown System Failure Scam Tech Support Scam as well as highly malicious software. Check your browser to see if there is a browser extension loading this scam's site, identify and remove it using the guide below.

How to delete a malicious browser extension

Google Chrome

  1. Simultaneously press Alt+F.
  2. Select More tools.
  3. Choose Extensions.
  4. Find the malicious extension and click Remove.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Simultaneously press Ctrl+Shift+A.
  2. Click Extensions.
  3. Find the malicious extension.
  4. Click Remove.
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