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If you have accidentally landed on Cops-help.com, it is possible that now your operating Windows system appears to be locked up. The suspicious domain could be linked to a number of malicious ransomware Trojans which could attempt to remove your administrative privileges and deny access to the computer. Some of the Trojans are known as Reveton, Urausy, Flimrans, Lyposit, etc. Even though it is these computer infections which may have corrupted your computer, it is most likely that you will recognize intrusive ransomware by names linked to the misleading screen-locking notifications. Regardless of the infection corrupting the system, you need to delete it from the PC right away. Do you know how to remove Cops-help.com related ransomware? Continue reading to learn all about the threat.

As our researchers have discovered, Cops-help.com is a website which contains a malicious java script and which is capable of locking existing web browsers with the misleading notifications allegedly presented by Police and national law enforcement organizations. Due to the number of organizations, money transfer systems and different interfaces of these screen-locking notifications you can recognize malware by various different names. Some of them include: Australian Federal Police Ukash Virus, Central Security Service Virus, All activities of this computer have been recorded Virus, Gobierno de España Virus and Datorn låser sig för polis Virus. As you may already know, the represented ransomware notifications use different languages because they are targeted at specific geographical regions. Needless to say, the FBI Virus would not be as intimidating in Australia or India as it would be in the United States where the Federal Bureau of Investigation is one of the most respected organizations.

The credentials of various law enforcers and national security importance organizations are used to convince you that the information presented through the ransom notifications are real. If you do believe this false information you may be tricked into paying fines for completely fictitious cyber crimes, when in reality you should be worried about getting software related to Cops-help.com deleted. Unfortunately, those computer users who will recognize the scam will be greeted by this fictitious alert:

Are you sure you want to leave this page?
Message from webpage:

If you are running Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, to remove the irritating warnings you should click the ‘Leave this page’ link at the bottom of the misleading notification. Now if you are using Internet Explorer, you will need to open the Task Manager (Crtl+Alt+Delete), go to Processes and terminate iexplore.exe activity. Have you discovered that the fictitious ransom alerts keep popping up every time you launch your browsers? This indicates that malicious software could be running on your computer. We recommend using automatic malware detection and removal software to delete Cops-help.com related malware from the computer. Do you have more questions about the removal processes? Do not hesitate to leave any questions and comment below.

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