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Microsoft Has Detected A Porn Virus Scam

If you have been introduced to the Microsoft Has Detected A Porn Virus Scam, the chances are that you clicked a corrupted link shown to you via a misleading pop-up or an unreliable website. According to our research, the bogus security alert used to be represented via, but this page has been taken down already. Unfortunately, the schemers who have created this bogus notification could set up different pages to introduce Windows users to it, and so you have to be cautious. It was also found that the bogus helpline number that is represented via the scam can be changed as well. The number that we have found to be used by schemers is +1-844-786-8920. Needless to say, we do not recommend calling it because nothing good can come out of it. On the contrary, if you called it, you could be scammed, and that, of course, is something you want to avoid. If you continue reading this report, you will learn more about the scam, as well as how to check your operating system to see if you need to remove Microsoft Has Detected A Porn Virus Scam-related infections.

The page representing Microsoft Has Detected A Porn Virus Scam can be misleading, and it might use the name of Microsoft to make you think that the alert is real. On top of that, you could be flooded with multiple pop-ups pushing in the hopes of making you feel panicked. In some cases, scam warnings like this one are shown in full-screen to make the victim believe that they cannot close the browser. In some cases, the alerts and the pages representing them cannot be closed too. Our research team has a lot of experience with fictitious security warnings like this one. We have recently discussed the “Critical Security Warning!” Scam, “Unknown System Failure!” Scam, “Google Chrome Fatal Error Popup Tech Support” Scam, and other similar fictitious alerts. The purpose behind all of them is to make you think that your virtual security is a risk and that you need help. The Microsoft Has Detected A Porn Virus Scam is meant to trick you into thinking that a malicious threat called “porn virus” has invaded your operating system and is threatening to steal your photos, personal data, and the passwords to your social media accounts. Furthermore, the scam also might introduce you to a threat called “ZEUS virus.” Obviously, you do not need to worry about the removal of this malware, but you might have to delete other threats.

The schemers behind Microsoft Has Detected A Porn Virus Scam need to intimidate you to make you believe that you must call +1-844-786-8920. What happened if you did? Unfortunately, you could be fed false information, and schemers pretending to be Microsoft technicians might try to make you do things that could jeopardize your virtual security. For example, they could try to make you share private information. Also, they could try to gain remote access to your PC or trick you into downloading malware. If that happened, your entire operating system could be flooded with malicious threats, and you could put your financial security at risk too. Have you interacted with the schemers who created Microsoft Has Detected A Porn Virus Scam already? If you have, you need to think very carefully if you are not in trouble.

Since there is a possibility that Microsoft Has Detected A Porn Virus Scam is linked to a malicious threat that might have entered your operating system via malicious downloaders, it is strongly recommended that you employ a legitimate malware scanner ASAP. If malware is detected, we suggest employing anti-malware software to have it deleted automatically. You can also use our website to look for guides that you might be able to use for manual removal. What if your browser is paralyzed, and you cannot even check if you need to delete Microsoft Has Detected A Porn Virus Scam-related threats? A guide below shows how to close the browser via Task Manager. Afterward, you should be able to scan your PC and determine whether or not malicious threats require removal.

Microsoft Has Detected A Porn Virus Scam Removal

  1. Launch Task Manager by tapping keys Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  2. Click the Processes tab.
  3. Select the process representing the corrupted browser (e.g., chrome.exe).
  4. Click End process and then exist Task Manager.
  5. Immediately perform a full system scan to check if you need to delete malware.
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