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Danger level 6
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • System crashes
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel

Consciousness Ransomware

Consciousness Ransomware was not created by cybercriminals who have conscience. Of course, one might argue that cybercriminals do not have conscience in their belt of emotions at all. Rather they are greedy, sneaky, and ambitious, all of the things that you do not want to deal with, of course. Unfortunately, if cybercriminals are able to invade your system, they might harm your personal files irreversibly. At this time, we cannot yet confirm that this malware can encrypt files on a large scale, but if we obtain a sample that does that, we will update this report. Nonetheless, we have to warn you about this new infection because this is the time to secure your operating system against it. Was your system invaded and your personal files encrypted? If that has happened, it is possible that you will not be able to get your files restored. In any case, removing Consciousness Ransomware is extremely important. Continue reading this report, and you will learn more about ransomware, invasion techniques, and ways to delete it.

According to our research team, there is no one way that Consciousness Ransomware attacks systems. It could use spam emails, or it could slither in using stealthy downloaders. The point is to come in without notice, which, of course, is impossible if reliable security software is put in place. This software should automatically find and delete Consciousness Ransomware before it is fully executed. If this malware slithered in without any warning from your security systems, it is possible that you did not update them in time or that they are unable to guard you reliably. If this malware manages to slither in, it encrypts personal files. Documents, photos, projects, archives, videos, and other kinds of personal files should be encrypted, and the “.consciousness” extension should be added to their names. Along with the encrypted files, the malware should drop the “Consciousness Ransomware Text Message.txt” file. This is a real text file, and so it is perfectly safe to open it; however, we do not recommend paying attention to the message within.

The text file dropped by Consciousness Ransomware is meant to inform you that files were encrypted, but the message suggests that that happened “for safety purposes,” so that your computer, supposedly, could remove trojans and corrupted files. Of course, this does not make sense, and you should realize right away that cybercriminals are behind this message once you get to this statement: “So if you want to recover your files Simply transfer $400.00 to us with bitcoin.” Even if you have $400, we do not recommend giving it to cybercriminals. At the time of research, the 3Cg2NyeuivMCCtBaLDc4paNj8TgHGZqA5p Bitcoin Wallet was empty, which is good news. Even though this does not guarantee that Consciousness Ransomware is not attacking systems actively, perhaps victims are being smart. Just like we do not recommend paying the ransom, we also do not recommend sending a message to, which is an email address included in the ransom note. Whatever you do, you are unlikely to obtain a decryptor, and so you should ensure to keep away from cybercriminals as best as you can.

Hopefully, you have not encountered Consciousness Ransomware yet, and you can still secure your system with reliable security software. Additionally, you should create backup copies of important files. Store them outside the computer, so that even if the original copies were corrupted, you could fall back on backups. If you already need to delete Consciousness Ransomware from your system, we hope that you have backup copies, because if you do, you can replace the encrypted files using them. Of course, you must remove the infection first. Its launcher file appears to be the only important element, but its location and name could be totally random, and so if you cannot find it, you might not be able to erase this threat yourself. This is not a problem because a legitimate anti-malware tool can remove this infection automatically. In fact, because this tool possesses reliable Windows protection properties, we advise installing it even if you can delete all malware components manually. Use the comments section if you still have questions for us.

Consciousness Ransomware Removal

  1. Delete all recently downloaded suspicious files. You can look at these directories first:
    • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
    • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
    • %TEMP%
  2. Also, Delete the ransom note file named Consciousness Ransomware Text Message.txt.
  3. Empty Recycle Bin and then immediately install a genuine malware scanner.
  4. Run a full system scan to see if you have deleted everything or if you still have some files to address.
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