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Danger level 9
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • System crashes
  • Annoying Pop-up's

If you have been redirected to, then you must have clicked a corrupted pop-up ad or blackhat SEO link that eventually lead you to this website with malicious javascript. Once you have opened on your browser, it basically freezes and you can longer open new tabs or windows. Nevertheless, you should not panic, because it does not mean that your computer is infected. In fact, there are no malicious files related to in your system, and the thing you must do to get rid of is to close your browser.

However, if you have been redirected to this website due to random pop-ups, you should also check whether you have any potentially unwanted programs installed. It is very possible that an unfamiliar add-on or plug-in gets exploited by a malevolent third party in order to display their corrupted content within the pop-ups, and then if you accidentally click one, you MIGHT end up on a corrupted website.

The notification displayed via depends on your location. If you have an American IP address, chances are that you will be shown a message which was supposedly sent by the FBI. Even if you get redirected to other web pages from the same group, like or, the message will remain the same, because they are correlated according to your location.

The general idea behind the fake notification displayed via is that users are supposed to get scared about getting prosecuted, so they should transfer the supposed “fine” via Ukash or MoneyPak alternative payment systems without even giving it any second thought. Such course of action would not be surprising, because the notification displayed by is very alarming:

Your browser has been blocked up for safety reasons listed below.
All activities of this computer have been recorded.
All your files are encrypted.

You are accused of viewing/storage and/or dissemination of banned pornography (child pornography/zoophilia/rape etc). You have violated World Declaration on non-proliferation of child pornography. You are accused of committing the crime envisaged by Article 161 of United States of America criminal law.

It should be pointed out that paying the money would not make the notification go away. You would only lose your money. Not to mention that you have committed no crime whatsoever and there is no way the fake alert could forward your personal information to the court.

Do not get taken by surprise when displays a pop-up message once you try to close your browser. The pop-up usually contains the following text:

Are you sure you want to leave this page?
Message from webpage:
Leave this page
Stay on this page

However, your files are definitely not encrypted and you should not feel threatened by the notification. Simply click Leave this page option and close your browser. In case does not allow you to close your browser, force the browser to close manually following the instructions below. When you close the browser, you need to be sure that the previous session will not be restored and you will not be redirected to the corrupted page again.

How to close my browser

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and Windows Task Manager will open.
  2. Open Processes tab.
  3. Click Show processes from all users button below the list.
  4. Right-click chrome.exe, firefox.exe or iexplore.exe processes.
  5. Select End Process Tree from the drop-down menu.
  6. Press End Process on the pop-up confirmation.
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