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Windows Security Alert! 1-888-220-3607

Windows Security Alert! 1-888-220-3607 is a fake alert that may come up on your screen if happen to land on a malicious website. This fake alert may make you believe that there are some critical issues on your system and thus you should contact “Microsoft Certified Live Technicians” in order to fix them. This is an obvious scam and this allegedly toll free phone number has been used by other websites and schemers as well. Since you can land on this website that generates this fake alert in a couple of ways, we believe that it is advisable that you read our entire article on this infection in order to be able to protect your PC. We recommend that you remove Windows Security Alert! 1-888-220-3607 right away as you notice it. It is possible that other malware infections are involved that make it possible for you to end up on this malicious site. Therefore, you should make sure to detect all related and unrelated infections as well.

This malware infection is quite unique indeed as it is not actually a program that spreads on the web. This fake alert comes through a website: system-recovery-help-errorx0022.weebly.com. The trick here is that this URL can be promoted by certain infections and that is how you may end up loading on this malicious page. For example, it is possible that there is an infection on your system that modifies your hosts file, which will result in a redirection to this suspicious page when you go surfing the web. It is also possible that you click on a pop-up advertisement while visiting a suspicious website or this corrupt ad may be shown by an adware program that previously infected your computer. Or, you simply get redirected to this fake site through malicious webpages. All in all, you need to be very careful where you click when you are surfing the web and what kinds of websites you visit knowingly. Since it is quite possible that your PC has been infected with a number of other malware infections as well, we recommend that after you delete Windows Security Alert! 1-888-220-3607, you scan you system with a reliable malware scanner to find all other possible threats as well.

So now you may have an idea about how you have ended up or keep ending up on this malicious site and get freaked out by the fake alert messages it displays. What actually happens is that a fake Microsoft Malware Protection Center page comes up in your browser as well as a system window that looks like a file or files are being copied. On top of all these a big fake “Windows Security Alert” message appears that claims that this is a critical warning and your IP address has been compromised. Then you are asked to call a supposedly “toll free” telephone number (1-888-220-3607) to talk to a “live technician.” As a matter of fact, we have found that this phone number belongs to a group of computer scam artists and is also used at onlinesetupexperts.com. This fake alert message goes on explaining what kinds of possible risks you are exposed to now, including losing your credit card details and banking information as well as e-mail passwords and so on. Obviously, the aim here is to frighten you so that you call the given number. But if you do so, you may be scammed to pay for a useless program or service to fix all your alleged system issues.

If you click the OK button, another fake alert comes up as well as an annoying looped audio message. You cannot really do too much as you cannot close the message or the tab either. This audio just goes on and on and the fake alert comes up again and again if you try to click on the OK button. The only way to stop this nonsense is to close the browser window. However, if you do not remove Windows Security Alert! 1-888-220-3607, i.e., the related infection that redirects you to this malicious page, you will end up there the next time you go surfing.

As a matter of fact, deleting Windows Security Alert! 1-888-220-3607 is not too straightforward. First, we advise you to check the list of installed programs in Control Panel to see if there are any adware programs present that need to be uninstalled. Second, since certain browser extensions may also be able to redirect you, it would be worth going through the list of extensions in your browsers and weed out the suspicious ones. Finally, it is also important to check your hosts file to see if there is any reference to this fake website. Please follow our guide below that can help you sort out your hosts file issue. If you still happen to land on the Windows Security Alert! 1-888-220-3607 website, we suggest that you install an anti-malware application. If you keep your security tool always up-to-date, it can prevent any existing malware infections from entering your PC.

How to remove Windows Security Alert! 1-888-220-3607

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Locate the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder
  3. Open the “hosts” file.
  4. Look for any occurrence of the string “system-recovery-help-errorx0022.weebly.com” and delete them.
  5. Save the “hosts” file.
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