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Warning Call (844) 763-5838

Warning Call (844) 763-5838 is a pop-up that might show up on your screen when you download the Secure PC Cleaner onto your computer or when you visit unreliable websites representing suspicious offers. Some users claim that they are urged to call this number after they are warned about Adobe Acrobat-related problems or other fictitious system errors and issues. The main goal behind this misleading pop-up is to push users into calling the number provided, and the creators of this pop-up have better chances of tricking users if they think they are dealing with serious issues. If you call this number, you might come into direct contact with cyber criminals, and this could lead to all kinds of security problems. If you want to learn more about this, or you need help deleting “Warning Call (844) 763-5838” pop-ups, you should continue reading. We answer all of the most important questions, starting with the appearance of the pop-up and ending with its destruction.

As mentioned already, the “Warning Call (844) 763-5838” pop-up is likely to show up after downloading Secure PC Cleaner. This potentially unwanted program is an unreliable system cleaner that performs fake system scams and introduces users to fake errors. The goal behind this scam is to push users into paying for the full version of the PUP, and that, of course, is not the software you want to invest in. The executable representing the “Warning Call (844) 763-5838” pop-up might be downloaded along with this PUP silently, and, according to our research, it is stored in the Event Monitor folder in the %APPDATA% directory. The name of this file is “EM.exe”, and you need to remove it in order to stop the misleading pop-up from showing up on your screen whenever you are using your operating system. The same executable could be silently downloaded along with other potentially unwanted programs and even malware. In the worst case scenario, this executable will be downloaded along with dangerous infections, in which case, you might become a victim of virtual identity theft, and your own operating system could be used to spread malware. Hopefully, you will not need to become a victim of such behavior.

If the “Warning Call (844) 763-5838” pop-up appears after downloading the potentially unwanted program from (note that the current installer no longer includes the executable), it will be signed by SYS SECURE PC SOFTWARE LLP. If you discover that it is signed by a different company, it is possible that this file functions in a different way, in which case, you need to be even more cautious about it. If you are dealing with a file signed by SYS SECURE PC SOFTWARE LLP, sooner or later, you are likely to encounter a pop-up urging to call (844) 763-5838. Of course, this number could be changed if the file controlling the pop-up was updated. This pop-up is designed to trick you into thinking that you need the help of experienced technicians. Well, if you call the number, the cyber criminals on the other end of the line could push you into revealing personal information and possibly trick you into paying for fictitious services. If that was not enough, your mobile operator might charge you a lot of money for calling this number. Overall, you will not benefit by calling this number in any way! Here is an example of a fake message pushing to call the fake helpline number.

CALL: (844) 763-5838
For Emergency Tech Support call immediately
just crashed on your system.
Call us now for instant premium support
(844) 763-5838

You can get rid of the unwanted pop-up by clicking the X on the top-right corner, but this is a temporary solution. In order to disable it permanently, you need to remove the malicious file controlling it. If this file was executed along with Secure PC Cleaner or other unreliable programs, you need to remove them as well. If you need help erasing malware, you can contact us via the comments section below, or you can utilize automated malware detection and removal software. You can trust this software to delete “Warning Call (844) 763-5838” pop-up as well. Luckily, disabling this pop-up manually is quite easy as well, and you can utilize the guide below if you are not sure as to which steps you need to take to succeed.

“Warning Call (844) 763-5838” Removal

  1. Launch Explorer (tap on the keyboard Win+E keys).
  2. Enter %APPDATA% into the address bar.
  3. Right-click and Delete the Event Monitor folder.
  4. Launch RUN (tap on the keyboard Win+R keys).
  5. Enter regedit.exe into the dialog box and click OK.
  6. In the pane on the left move to these paths and Delete the Event Monitor keys:
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  1. mohammad_neisi Feb 6, 2017

    it doesnt let me remove it it sais that the application is turned on and i checked and it wasnt turned on please help me this stupid warning thing annoys me alot T_T

  2. sixtus helyanan Feb 6, 2017

    I was confused by this way please help do first

  3. haha Mar 14, 2017

    thank you so much for this instruction! I couldn't find where it was located on my own.

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