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Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999

Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 is one of those fake alerts that claim your system is in danger. It shows up on a grey pop-up warning displayed in the background of a website that imitates Microsoft’s site. Also, it should urge users to call a fictitious support center said to be for Windows users. Obviously, the ones who may answer the phone would only pretend to be working for Microsoft. Those who fall for the scam may end up talking with cybercriminals who could try to persuade them to give access to their computers, purchase overpriced and unneeded software, etc. If you do not want this to happen to you, you should always be careful with suspicious pop-ups. Any warning urging you to call someone should be considered to be unreliable. To learn more about Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 and threats alike, we encourage you to have a look at the rest of our article. Moreover, if you do come across it and have no idea how to get rid of the fictitious pop-up window, you should also check the removal instructions available at the end of this page.

In most cases, users get redirected to fake websites showing alerts like Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 after clicking unreliable pop-ups, banners, and so on. Interacting with content, you do not know to be safe for one hundred percent is always a bad idea. Thus, if you want to avoid such threats, we highly recommend being cautious when surfing the Internet. Never forget that legit warnings appear to help you and not to scare you, prevent you from using the computer, or ask you to contact technical support over the phone. In other words, if a pop-ups tone seems meant to scare you and convince you to rush into doing something, you should be careful. Additionally, it would be smart to acquire a reliable antimalware tool that could watch over your system and help you keep it secure. Remember that such tools need to be updated from time to time so they could do their job better, for example, to be able to recognize newer threats or fix possible vulnerabilities.

As mentioned earlier, the fictitious warning ought to appear on a fake Microsoft website, which might look rather convincing given it contains the company’s logo. Also, the website might use blue color for its background, which is often used for Windows alerts, the company’s official website, etc. Consequently, inexperienced users may not realize that Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 is fake. Moreover, some users might start panicking as the fictitious pop-up is supposed to show a message claiming a computer got infected with “Pornographic Spyware.” To get rid of it, the fake alert should offer help from Windows Technical Support that it may ask to contact by dialing a telephone number said to be toll-free (+1-855-595-7999). The truth is that calling it could actually cost you and it might even appear to be expensive. Also, let us not forget that scammers pretending to be members of Microsoft support could try to convince their victims to spend money on tools or services they do not need, give access to their systems, reveal sensitive information, and so on.

Either way, talking to scammers behind the Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999 could end badly. Thus, we recommend against it if you do not want to risk being scammed. Instead of doing what the fake alert says you should, we advise finding a way to get rid of it. One of the ways to remove the warning from your screen is to kill your browser’s process, and the instructions available below can explain to you how to do this. Also, we recommend checking your browser for suspicious extensions or plugins that could be responsible for the fake alert. Naturally, if the process seems too complicated, you could employ a reliable antimalware tool instead. Set it to scan your computer and wait for results. Then review them and press the given deletion button to eliminate all identified threats, including Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999, all at once.

Get rid of Windows Warning Alert +1-855-595-7999

  1. If you need to exit the full-screen mode press F11.
  2. Close the browser by clicking the X button.
  3. If it does not work press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and open the Task Manager.
  4. Select the Processes tab and locate the browser's process.
  5. Click it and press End Task.
  6. Exit the Task Manager.
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