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Firefox Defender Addon

It is very often that users end up installing a number of potentially unwanted applications on their computers. Firefox Defender Addon is one of those applications. What’s more, the fact that you have this extension added to your Firefox browser means that you interacted with a fake alert that previously appeared when you were browsing the web. Consequently, there is a good chance that you have more than one undesirable program running on-board. Be sure to scan your computer with a security tool when you remove Firefox Defender Addon from your browser. You might be up for a surprise when you see the scan results.

At first glance, it might seem that Firefox Defender Addon is a useful browser extension. After all, it has “Defender” in its name, so it should protect you from something dangerous, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately, our research suggests that this extension is absolutely useless. If anything, it does not provide any kind of defense from cyber threats. On the contrary, it could be considered a security issue itself. That is why it is very important to note that you should NEVER tolerate unwanted and unfamiliar applications when they enter your computer accidentally. In fact, you can always avoid installing them if you are more careful.

Now, how does Firefox Defender Addon enter a target system? This Firefox extension is directly associated with the Firefox Requires A Manual Update fake alert. This fake alert used to be displayed via the britishxcuisine.com website. Although the page has been reported already, it is very likely that it is still working if users complain about Firefox Defender Addon. When this pop-up appears on your screen, it tells you that you have to update your Firefox browser manually. There are several ways for users to encounter this website.

First, they might open the page directly. This case is very unlikely because people definitely would not type the exact address into your browsers. Next, the fake alert pop-up could be lurking on file-sharing websites, gaming pages, and other sites where they support third-party advertising. If you often engage in freeware downloading, online gaming, and other activities that require you to access potentially harmful web pages, it is very likely that you would see this fake alert (or anything else of the kind) on your screen quite often. Finally, there might be a potentially unwanted program installed on your system that generates this pop-up. That is also a rather unlikely case, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Hence, when you get down to removing the Firefox Defender Addon extension, you should also look for other unwanted programs (just in case).

When users see the fake alert pop-up, they might feel that they have to update their browser because with this new feature they will be able to “protect yourself immediately on the internet” because “internet pages are automatically examined and possibly blocked.” However, let us not forget that browsers do that themselves. If they recognize a potentially harmful website, they will block it or at least will tell you about the potential hazards before you proceed to open it.

What’s more, browsers do not support such third-party updates. If there is an update you have to apply, the browser will inform you about it itself. Also, you have to make sure that the automatic updates function is on so that your browser would be updated to the latest version all the time. Then you would not have to deal with Firefox Defender Addon or anything like it.

Our main security concern about this extension is that it could easily collect information on your web browsing habits. This program is bound to collect data on the websites you visit for online marketing purpose. Since the extension is so intrusive and it does not do anything useful, you should not tolerate it any longer.

Remove Firefox Defender Addon via your browser’s settings. If there are more extensions installed you cannot recognize, perhaps you should delete them, too. To be sure, run a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner. The full scan will definitely find more potentially unwanted apps, and you will be able to remove them immediately. Just do not sit and wait for third-party programs to take over your system.

How to Delete Firefox Defender Addon

  1. Launch your Firefox browser.
  2. Press Alt+T and go to Add-ons.
  3. Click the Extensions tab.
  4. Remove Firefox Defender from the list.
  5. Restart your browser.
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