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This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker

Users usually quickly realize that This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker is inside their computers because they notice that their Desktops have been locked. It is not the only symptom of the entrance of the screen-locking malware. Those users who encounter This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker also quickly notice that one of the system utilities, the Task Manager, on their computers has been disabled. Most probably, malware does this so that users could not unlock their screens easily and thus remove it from their computers. Just like similar malicious applications which make it impossible for users to use their PCs by locking Desktops, This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker places a fake window on users’ Desktops with the intention of pushing them into contacting the “Microsoft Technician.” Of course, the Microsoft Corporation is not associated with This PC Has Been Blocked fake window opened for users in any way, so it is very likely that cyber criminals will pick up the phone if you make a call and then will try to sell you unnecessary software, the code for unlocking the screen, or simply try to gain access to your computer.

This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker can be called quite sophisticated malicious software because it not only blocks the Task Manager, but also locks the screen in order not to allow users to use their computers. The window it opens claims that the computer has been blocked due to the violation of the user’s privacy, and there has been “viruses that do an unusual activity like botnet, ddos etc to grant access back to your computer” detected. Find the full fake message users who get infected with This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker see below:

This PC Has Been Blocked

This PC Has been blocked for terms of user’s privacy violations. To Protect the Windows Service and members privacy Microsoft does not provide details about specific Pc block information.

Your PC has been blocked because we detected an unusual activity on your computer.

Your pc has been infected with viruses that do an unusual activity like botnet, ddoes etc to grant access back to your computer

please contact trusted Microsoft Technicians and the Microsoft Technician will give you a code to unlock your computer to further remove the virus. To get a code please click button down below to contact the nearest Microsoft Technician.

Nearest Microsoft Technician


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Shortly speaking, the main goal of This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker is to convince users that there are problems that need to be fixed. Unfortunately, many users believe this and decide to dial 1-844-703-1130 to get help from technicians. Needless to say, they do not know that these technicians are bad people waiting for them at the other end of the line. Do not even bother making a call to them because the screen can be unlocked manually. Try entering the unlock code XP8BF-F8HPF-PY6BX-K24PJ-RAA00 in the box at the bottom of the fake window. If it no longer works, reboot your computer. According to specialists working at, this should make the screen-locking window disappear because the malicious software responsible for placing it on Desktop does not have a point of execution, or PoE. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that this threat is not updated in the future. Users who encounter the updated version of malware which places its window again after the system restart and find the provided unlock code useless should boot into Safe Mode. Keep in mind that malicious software is still inside your PC even if you have removed the fake window of This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker, so do not forget to take care of it too.

This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker enters computers without permission and then opens in full-screen its fake window with the This PC Has Been Blocked message. Researchers say that Trojan infections help this screen-locking malware to end up on users’ computers. More specifically, the screen locker is dropped on the computer by a Trojan horse. Most likely, this Trojan is already working on your system too without your knowledge, so it is highly recommended scanning the system with an automatic tool to find and erase remaining infections from the computer. Security specialists also recommend going to acquire a legitimate antimalware tool because another screen locker might quickly enter the unprotected computer. Be aware of the fact that not all tools promoted as reputable scanners are trustworthy. You should especially avoid those malware removers promoted on file-sharing and torrent pages.

Start the deletion of This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker by restarting your computer or entering the unlock code (XP8BF-F8HPF-PY6BX-K24PJ-RAA00). If it is still impossible to remove the screen-locking window from Desktop, boot into Safe Mode and then erase the malicious software, but we believe that this will not be necessary. To make it easier for you to unlock your screen and delete the screen locker, we have prepared the manual removal instructions for you (they are located below this article). Surely, it is not the only removal method that exists. This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker can also be erased automatically. In this case, launch the reputable tool, e.g. SpyHunter after downloading and installing it, and then it will do the rest of the job for you.

Remove This PC Has Been Blocked - Screen Locker

  1. Restart your computer or enter XP8BF-F8HPF-PY6BX-K24PJ-RAA00 in the box at the bottom of the window (if none of these methods help you to unlock Desktop, boot into Safe Mode).
  2. Locate the malicious file responsible for the presence of the fake screen-locking window and delete it without mercy.
  3. Launch Run (press Win+R).
  4. Type msconfig in the box and click OK.
  5. Open the Startup tab.
  6. Disable suspicious programs.
  7. Scan the computer with a legitimate diagnostic scanner to find out whether you have erased malware fully.
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