Worms Computer Worms are reproducing programs that run independently and travel across network connections. Many worms have been created which are only designed to spread, and don't attempt to alter the systems they pass through. Main difference between viruses and worms is the method in which they reproduce and spread. Worms are very hard to detect on computers because they are made with an intriguing mathematical technological structure and complexity. An Internet worm can be contained in any kind of virus, program or script. Usually they spread through e-mail or IM messages any form of attachment or link in an email may contain a link to an infected website. In first case activation starts when a user clicks on the attachment while in the second case the activation starts when clicking the link in the email. The most dangerous are internet Worms which will scan all available network resources, try to connect to those systems and gain full access to them. Sometimes inventor will release it into the wild in a single copy, and it will be able to mutate, replacing its own code by itself.

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