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Danger level 6
Type: Worms


Worm.Lefgroo.A is a malicious worm that was first released on October 7, 2008. It spreads to other PCs by dropping copies of itself to removable drives and writeable drives. This threat will remain hidden from the attentions of the PC owner, as it has the ability to conduct all its actions in the system background. This makes it that much harder to detect and remove Worm.Lefgroo.A from the system.

Once Worm.Lefgroo.A executes on the system, it will copy itself in these locations:

%Homepath%\My Documents\Musica.exe

If you find %Homepath%\My Documents\Musica.exe on the system, then this is also a clear indication of Worm.Lefgroo.A's presence on the system.

It will create various registry entries, which allows it to start up every time Windows boots. Worm.Lefgroo.A will disable the user’s access to registry tools, and Folder Options in Windows Explorer. The worm also has the ability to connect to the Internet without the user’s permission, and connects to a known website which is where it will be able to download more malware to the infected PC.

Based on the above evidence it is clear to see that this worm is an unwanted application. Protect your PC’s security and safety and destroy Worm.Lefgroo.A immediately. This is best achieved by employing the removal power of a genuine security tool which will not only get rid of Worm.Lefgroo.A but also protect your PC against any similar future attacks.

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How to manually remove Worm.Lefgroo.A

Files associated with Worm.Lefgroo.A infection:


Worm.Lefgroo.A processes to kill:



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