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Danger level 6
Type: Worms


Worm.Python.Lesta.a is a network-aware worm, which infects processes of explorer.exe in DLL cache folder while it attempts to replicate across all existing networks.

Being a computer worm that was ultimately designed to gather sensitive information from the victim’s computer system, such as credit card numbers, personal identity information, etc, Worm.Python.Lesta.a is not to be taken lightly under any circumstances.

As a worm infection, Worm.Python.Lesta.a tends to be a virus-like malware application, with destructive codes. Worms are highly capable of mutating, replacing their own code, and are extremely difficult to find and remove from any infected system.

Worm.Python.Lesta.a is no exception – it will hide itself and may further propagate itself onto a network of systems, if given half the chance.

Worm.Python.Lesta.a will not copy itself into the file attachment to infect the emails; instead it is accompanied by a component which is able to download other malicious programs via the Internet.

Once embedded within a computer system, Worm.Python.Lesta.a will continue to send infected messages to all the email addresses harvested from the victims’ machine.
So how does it install itself within a system, you may wonder?

Worms like Worm.Python.Lesta.a tend to install itself onto a computer system, employing Rootkit tactics, this way ensuring it remains hidden from all spyware detectors (legitimate ones).

Possible properties of Worm.Python.Lesta.a are as follows:

- Worm.Python.Lesta.a is able to terminate a range of processes, and to delete services related to antivirus solutions and firewalls.
- Worm.Python.Lesta.a main executable file will download other malicious programs from the remote malicious user’s site and install them to the victim machine.
- Worm.Python.Lesta.a will search all files on the hard disk for email addresses, and send them to the remote malicious user\'s site.

Have you noticed the following symptoms on your PC?

* Slow computer performance:
It just takes one parasite like Worm.Python.Lesta.a to slow your computer dramatically. If your PC takes longer than usual to reboot, or if your Internet connection is unusually slow, you may be infected with Worm.Python.Lesta.a.

* New desktop shortcuts or switched homepage:
Badware like Worm.Python.Lesta.a may change your Internet settings to redirect your homepage to another site. Badware can even add desktop shortcuts to your PC.

* Annoying pop-ups:
Badware can bombard your computer with popup ads, even when you’re not online. Through these pop-ups, you may be tricked into downloading more spyware.
Should you be experiencing these key symptoms? You may be infected with the Worm.Python.Lesta.a virus, and removal should be implemented ASAP!

The best way to ensure your computer system is not compromised by the presence of this dangerous worm application is to employ the services of a fully functional and up to date antispyware application, a legitimate one, to delete any and all components from your system as soon as it has been detected.

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How to manually remove Worm.Python.Lesta.a

Files associated with Worm.Python.Lesta.a infection:


Worm.Python.Lesta.a processes to kill:


Remove Worm.Python.Lesta.a registry entries:


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