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Danger level 6
Type: Worms
Common infection symptoms:
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Cant change my homepage
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Shows commercial adverts
  • Slow Computer
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes


WORM_KOLAB.SMQX, or Worm:Win32/Pushbot, is a cunning infection than has been released into the virtual world in September, 2011. The dangerous application can be used to collect personal information and infect your Windows system with more malware, so if you do not want this piece of malware manipulating your digital data, we advise you act highly carefully to avoid this worm entering your PC. The surreptitious infection can be propagated via removable devices, Yahoo, MSN and AOL messengers, flash drives, or such social networking websites as Twitter and can be passed on to you as .JPEG files entitled using John Lennon or Robert Pattinson names. Of course, if you opened one of these files, no picture would show up on your screen, and your system would be immediately infected with the latent worm. If you have suspicions about illegal software running in your computer, we rush you to explore the matter further as WORM_KOLAB.SMQX removal could be in need.

This surreptitious, backdoor worm can enable full access to your system’s controls and your personal data, and you can “thank” the malicious winupdate.exe for allowing all illicit worm’s processes. Of course, you might be already familiar with this executable, but have no doubts that it does not correspond to Microsoft’s Windows Updates, as cyber criminals have smartly used this authentic file name to hide their devious component from detection and removal. This .exe file, also known by such alias names as antiengel.exe, can inject malignant codes into system’s startup, slither into the registry, add and delete products, reconfigure Security Policies, Active Desktop features, remove access to Task Manager and other tools just to make it impossible for you to delete WORM_KOLAB.SMQX. This file can also help schemers to access the web, reconfigure Internet Explorer, tamper with settings of the home page or security attributes, steal data from email accounts and autoexec.bat, or release error notifications. Various pop-ups could be used together with such dangerous infections as rogue antispywares; therefore, if you notice any symptoms or suspicious dysfunctions you should immediately scan your computer for dangerous threats like WORM_KOLAB.SMQX.

Winupdate.exe is not the only infection’s component, and your system might be filled with such files as 3369584517.exe, 5948484517.exe, 594884517.exe, 7148484517.exe or 99584517.exe, all of which can execute processes and help the infection to stay hidden from removal. And because of the unknown quantity of malignant files, which could appear with different names we do not recommend having WORM_KOLAB.SMQX deleted manually, unless you are an expert Windows user who has removed plenty of dangerous infections in the past. Those with less experience should invest their money in automatic removal applications, which have been created to remove WORM_KOLAB.SMQX and similar malware.

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How to manually remove WORM_KOLAB.SMQX

Files associated with WORM_KOLAB.SMQX infection:


WORM_KOLAB.SMQX processes to kill:


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