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Danger level 8
Type: Worms is a malicious application that was written in order to cause you misery. It does many other malicious things and needs to be detected as soon as may also go by the names:Worm/Banker.B.1,, as well as PWS-Banker. It may cause your computer to start acting strangely and may take over your entire system, without your knowledge or has many risks involved with the inclusion of stealing all your information and personal details. It is imperative to know what to look out for in order to not be a victim.

Some of the symptoms associated with
• Your machine may start becoming very slow and unreliable.
• Files may be appearing and disappearing.
• Some of your system settings may be modified.
• Your web browser may be severely affected.
• Your web browser may be redirected.
• People may receive emails from you that you didn\'t send.
• Your internet connection may become slower.

It may spread without your knowledge or consent, which means you, may give it to a friend by mistake. If you are making use of any peer to peer file sharing sites then this is a very common way that may gain access to your machine. If you are not running the correct up to date antivirus and do not have sufficient protection on your computer, then you are an open target for is imperative that you always keep your computer protected with the latest and most up to date software in order to lower the risk of entering your machine and causing you extreme chaos.

It may happen that will cause registry entries to be modified without your knowledge or may alter the Host files within your system which will cause serious problems. The chances are also very high of gaining access to all your personal information with the inclusion of your passwords and browsing activity. The most common methods that it makes use of for spreading and infecting your machine is file sharing sites, internet downloads as well as certain email spam and email attachments.

The big question is what you can do in order to have a computer free of you need to be able to detect it on your machine; this may be done with an antispyware application that is up to date. You will also need to remove it once it is on your machine. Your choices range from the manual removal process to the automatic removal process, both which aims to climate from your machine entirely. If you are not a computer expert than manually removing could cause serious negative connotations for your machine. It is suggested that you make use of the automatic removal process in order to safely get rid of

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How to manually remove

Files associated with infection:

sgrndman32.exe processes to kill:


Remove registry entries:


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