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Danger level 7
Type: Worms


Worm.Skopvel is a self-proliferating worm which spreads from one computer to another in a variety of ways, most frequently through removable media such as external hard drives and flash drives. It will create the file :\svchosted.exe on the targeted removable drive, which will carry the Worm.Skopvel infection. Worm.Skopvel has also been known to infect network drives in an effort to infect all PCs on the network. Most of the time Worm.Skopvel is dependent on user interaction to execute on the system, and can come in the form of email attachments that once opened, will infect the target PC.

The worm will modify the Windows Hosts file. This will override the DNS resolution of a website URL to a particular IP address. This will prevent the user from accessing specific websites, such as security websites, which are able to detect and remove Worm.Skopvel from the system. Worm.Skopvel will contact the following remote hosts using port 80 on the system and

Worm.Skopvel will contact remote a remote host to report a new infection it its authors. It will also receive configuration data and receive instruction from the remote hacker. Worm.Skopvel will go on to download and execute arbitrary files.

This worm is also known to open up firewalls on infected PCs, and allow more malware and other Trojans to infiltrate the PC. Protect your system against this harmful and annoying threat by invest in in a genuine and powerful security tool which will not only destroy Worm.Skopvel but also protect against similar future threats.

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How to manually remove Worm.Skopvel

Files associated with Worm.Skopvel infection:


Worm.Skopvel processes to kill:


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