Remote Administration:

Remote Administration Remote administration tools are made for network administrators and are used to control clients computers to help them out. It could be very useful because your computer being at home could be fixed by administrator somewhere far away. But there is another type of this software called Remote Administration (Access) Trojans (RATs). RAT is a type of software programs that enable criminals to manually connect to users computers without their notice. RATs often come hidden in illicit software and other files and programs that one might download from the Internet. They can also appear in e-mail or instant messages disguised as attachments such as funny images, greeting cards, or audio and video files. If one will click the attachments to open them, a RAT might be secretly downloaded as well. RATs have a lot of capabilities, such as viewing and controlling the screen, downloading and uploading files, opening a CD-ROM tray, formatting drives, and even dropping viruses and worms. In short - gains control over your computer completely. Sometimes Remote administration tool is only used as a prank, but you never know, when a malicious user will connect to your computer and use your information for his own purposes.

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