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Danger level 9
Type: Rogue Anti-Spyware
Common infection symptoms:
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Slow internet connection
  • System crashes
  • Annoying Pop-up's
  • Slow Computer
Other mutations known as:

Think Point

If you take a personal interest in the safety, health and privacy of your PC you are likely to be conversant about most of the threats to these aspects of your system. The vitriol behind the highly disliked and infamous Think Point rogue’s attack should never be underestimated. Following suit with most typical rogue applications, Think Point’s main aim is to scam consumers out of their hard earned money. Where Think Point differs from other rogues is in the intensity of its attack. It’s fair to say this Think Point takes no prisoners while perusing its goal.

Think Point will want its victims to believe in its genuineness as a security tool capable of identifying, quarantining and removing threats and unwanted rogueware from their PCs. This is not the case as Think Point is actually a worthless, yet highly sophisticated scam. It is distributed through various means including coming bundled with other rogueware such as the fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert and illicit websites. Once the infection infiltrates the marked PC it will start reporting on various fake threats. This is all done in an effort to scare and panic the consumer, and to convince the PC owner of Think Point’s legitimacy.

As a further attack, Think Point will inform the user the only way of getting rid of these purported infections is by purchasing “missing modules” not included in the Think Point Trial Version. Once Think Point makes a successful sale, the consumer is left with nothing but an empty shell of an application, devoid of any healing or diagnostic powers or capabilities. Of course the PC owner won’t know this, and will falsely believe his PC to be protected.

There is no middle ground here. If you value the health of your PC, you need to take action and permanently eradicate Think Point from your system. Follow these 8 easy steps to completely get rid of Think Point.

1) Make a print out of the directions contained herein, as you will have to close all windows in the following steps
2) You will most probably be barred from downloading any files on the compromised PC. In that case, download the required software and files referred to in this guide on another system. Transfer the files to the infected PC and continue
3) The Think Point infection will not allow you to access the Desktop. After booting up the system, you will come to the Think Point Start Screen.
DON’T click on any of the buttons on the screen. Instead, press CTRL + ALT + DEL on the keyboard at the same time. This will bring up the Windows Task Manager
4) After Task Manager loads, click on the Processes tab, found next to the Applications tab
5) Search for the hotfix.exe process and left click on it
6) Scroll down and select the END PROCESS command. You will be asked to confirm ending this process, and will need to pres Yes in order to kill hotfix.exe
7) There you go! Think Point has now successfully been disabled. You will now be at a blank screen. Press the File Menu in Task Manager; select New Task (Run…). Type iexplorer.exe in the OPEN space provided. This simple action will allow you access to Internet Explorer, and an active Internet connection.

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How to manually remove Think Point

Files associated with Think Point infection:


Think Point processes to kill:


Remove Think Point registry entries:



  1. werwe Oct 18, 2010


  2. jerry Oct 22, 2010

    How can you download if your pc is being block to access the internet?

  3. matt Oct 23, 2010

    log on to your pc with safe mode with net working to download some thing

  4. justine Oct 25, 2010

    I can't even get past the start up.... how can I get this thing off my laptop???

  5. JD Oct 26, 2010

    it is really retarded that the above article tells us not to buy highpoint as it is a scam to get our money.... well then they ask us to buy their product?????
    Either way I am jacked out of money... BAD solution... provide a free one.
    How do we know you dont just create think point then sell your product to get rid of it....

  6. John Oct 27, 2010

    it won't let you get to the internet
    and control alt delete doesn't work

  7. Pcthreat Oct 27, 2010

    You must restart Your PC, and just after you see your desktop for the first time, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and it should work. Remeber, you have a very small amount of time!

  8. Pcthreat Oct 27, 2010


    ThinkPint is a real threat and we are providing our offered solution (as many other webpages are offering theirs). Our program is not free, but it does a great job removing, and further protecting a computer.
    You can try pressing Ctrl Alt Del, the first seconds Your computer shows the desktop (be very fast). Stop the process hotfix.exe. After that You must find this exe and delete it

  9. TL Oct 27, 2010

    I was able to ctl alt del and get task manager and choose new in application and I typed in explorer and got my desktop back and stopped hotfix.exe and then I was able to update my virus protection. Thanks for the info, will see now what else is crazy.

  10. p90trse Oct 29, 2010

    faite ctrl+alt gr+ suppr vous accéder au gestionnaire de tache ensuite aller dans processus cliquer sur une application qui s'apélle hotfix.exe cliquer sur arrêter le processus ensuite en haut a gauche cliquer sur fichier nouvel tache marquer " explorer" vous faite " ok" et votre bureau devrai revenir

  11. ali Oct 29, 2010

    i do not like think point

  12. David Huttlin Oct 29, 2010

    I found an easier way to remove it. When you restart, request SAFEMODE and login under Administrator (or any login but the one that brings up Think Point). Once in windows, search for "hotfix.exe". That's the one that starts ThinkPoint. Remove that application, restart again, and you are good to go.

  13. compaq user Nov 1, 2010

    i hate u think point get off my computer its the only one i like i hate just how it shows up right there i can't x out to look up a way to get it off when i can its a black screen whoever created think point rouge programs viruses Trojans have no life

  14. lorrie Nov 5, 2010

    How do you find Hotfix exe? Do you push ctl alt delete when windows is coming up or after when think point is showing? Please help I dont understand some of the solutions.

  15. jmf Nov 6, 2010

    I can't find hotfix in the processes. it isn't there!

  16. chaosflo Nov 7, 2010

    well, I just caught think point the second time, the first time it was easy to get rid off using the described process BUT now the task manager is blocked, I cannot access it after hitting ctrl alt del, only "shut down" and "log off" buttons are available in the menu... what can I do?

  17. CINDY Nov 7, 2010


  18. Pablo Nov 8, 2010

    In my computer the task mánager is blocked by the
    malicious program so i can't stop the procces.
    I would like to start it as administrator but the
    computer is secondhand and i dont know the code.
    I'm lost, the hotfix file is still living with me.
    Please help.

  19. Pablo Nov 8, 2010

    The program is working Also in safe mode
    and i'm not able to open task mánager in any
    way i'm really ungry, please help

  20. Cannot remove ThinkPoint Nov 9, 2010

    Ctrl Alt Del option seems to not work with newer Think Point. This virus got on a computer and the owner is hiring someone to locate the writer. He believes he is in russia.

    Cannot remove this thing.

  21. Kirby Nov 11, 2010

    Nice - I can't even load your SpyHunter on the infested machine!

  22. Sana Nov 14, 2010

    Still stuck Internet explore is not opening what the he'll can't find the solution.......

  23. polys Nov 15, 2010

    Thank you I ve got my pc back free from this malicious virous thank you thank uyou

  24. Tristan Nov 15, 2010

    thank you so much for the info! i got this stupid virus yesterday and was able to get rid of it with your help! i am very thankful.

  25. ben Nov 17, 2010

    the command is actually [explorer.exe] if you can get to the desktop and go right click on your start bar and you will find a task manager button, press it and repeat the commands above from the guy.

  26. rob Nov 18, 2010

    i got think point off pc but everytime i log on it still say think point so i have to go to alt ctl delete can someone please tell me how to delete it from when i log on

  27. virginia uoton Nov 21, 2010

    thank you for removing thinkpoint its a pain in the you know what and its not fair

  28. CEni Nov 21, 2010

    how to remove think point from my PC

  29. C M S BELL Nov 25, 2010

    Today is the first time THINK POINT attached itself to my computer. I have tried the suggestion ctrl/alt/del and Windows Task Manager shows hotfix,exe, however, I highlighted the file end file, restarted the computer and Think Point is still there. Help!!!!!!!!!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Jerry Nov 25, 2010

    Thanks for the help removing Think Point-So far it is working

  31. Ann W Nov 25, 2010

    I am also unable to rid my computer of this V.

  32. ivyhanna Nov 26, 2010

    Tqvm...i was so panic that think point attack my pc..now i can remove it after several attempts
    cms bell,u have to delete the think point file from task manager..go to file (new task(run...)..click browse..click desktop..u'll find there would be think point icon..right click and delete it..
    if u r unable to find iexplorer..find it on my computer then clik window..it's somewhere around there

  33. Jenn. Nov 30, 2010

    i have been doing this but on step 3 when i try to put in ctrl+alt+del it opens this differnt page to ask if i want to lock my computer change usernames and exc. i need your helt.

  34. Greengo53 Nov 30, 2010

    close hotfix.exe and load explorer.exe
    than you can use your computer again.

    In Sart Programms, there is the ***** think point link, look where the destination is an execute this .exe.
    aferwards you can run an antivir

  35. AAB Dec 2, 2010

    Hi I am very thankful for your suggestion. This really worked for the first attempt. My Desktop is fine and running without any malware. Cheers! Many thanks for your suggestion again :-))

  36. MRSole Dec 9, 2010

    I can't even open the task manager

  37. Mad Scientist Dec 18, 2010

    Best solution - just wipe the drive and re- program it.
    Otherwise you'll just drive yourself crazy.

  38. Mad Scientist Dec 18, 2010

    It brought in 5 different downloader trojans in 3 days on my system.
    While i was trying to fix it.
    Back your data and purge the whole drive of this malicious threat.
    Before it wont let you even get your data back.

  39. Lisa M Jan 26, 2011

    I can't get into Explorer even though i have internet access..what can i do?

  40. MARIETTABarlow21 Dec 26, 2011

    This is understandable that cash can make people disembarr*****. But how to act if one has no money? The one way only is to receive the

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