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Segurazo Antivirus

Do you have Segurazo Antivirus installed on your Windows operating system? If you have, you are dealing with a potentially unwanted program (PUP). According to our researchers, this application is not useful, and you should not rely on it as a complete security tool. If that is the only app you employ to protect your operating system, you could soon face much more serious threats. Without a doubt, our recommendation is that you remove Segurazo Antivirus from your system, and we show why that is recommended with this report. So, if you are curious as to why this seemingly harmless application has gotten a bad reputation, you should keep reading. We also have a guide prepared in case you decide to delete the PUP manually. Of course, this is not the only option available, and we believe that even better options exist. If by the time you are done reading you do not know what to do, please post a comment below. We can answer all of your questions.

The official website representing Segurazo Antivirus is segurazo.com, but when we researched the PUP, the website did not offer working installers. Neither the basic version nor the Pro version could be installed. Considering that most legitimate antivirus tools recognize this app as a threat, it is possible that we will not be seeing it represented officially again. However, some Windows users might have it installed from a long time ago. And it is also possible that we could see the installer of Segurazo Antivirus introduced by third parties. If you believe that you downloaded the PUP from a third-party, and you also believe that other apps and files were bundled with it, it is a must for you to scan your operating system. Employ a malware scanner you can trust, and let it run a full system scan. Ideally, nothing of importance will be found, but should other threats be detected, please remove them as soon as possible. If you are planning on removing them manually, start with the most critical threat first. The PUP can wait.

So, why should you delete Segurazo Antivirus? It is presented as a tool that can offer “robust protection” at a “basically affordable” price. It must enable “real-time protection, precise threat-detection, and superior protection of private data, passwords, and browser.” If you trust this, the PUP might seem like a great security tool. Well, not everyone agrees. For example, researchers at appesteem.com have categorized this app as a deceptor, which basically means that it does not meet the standards of trustworthy software. According to researchers, the application’s installation and uninstallation processes are flawed because the user is unable to cancel at any point, and they are also asked to confirm removal multiple times. On top of that, the trial version of Segurazo Antivirus does not offer free fixes, which means that the user cannot test how it works before purchasing the tool. Most shockingly, the PUP identifies certain Microsoft components as high or medium risk issues, and if the user trusts the tool completely, they might end up deleting them.

While one cannot ignore the fact that the PUP’s abilities to protect the system and provide useful services are questionable, it is also important not to overlook a few other things. For example, Segurazo Antivirus appears to use unverifiable testimonials. Also, it can show third-party advertisements, which, of course, does not seem to be integral to the efficacy of the service. You can learn more about this at segurazo.com/privacy_policy.html. In general, it does not look like the PUP can serve reliably, and if you want to have your operating system protected, you certainly should not rely on it. Hopefully, you have not wasted any money on this questionable tool yet, and you can simply uninstall it. It seems that that is all you need to do to delete Segurazo Antivirus manually. Of course, you should perform a full system scan just in case. The scanner will let you know if other threats or leftovers of the PUP can be detected. If you need help with the removal and, most importantly, the protection of your operating system, we advise implementing trusted anti-malware software.

Segurazo Antivirus Removal

  1. Open the Run dialog box by tapping Windows and R keys together.
  2. Enter control panel into the box to launch the Control Panel utility.
  3. Go to the Programs menu and click Uninstall a program.
  4. Select the undesirable application and click Uninstall.
  5. Scan your system to check if there is anything else you need to delete.
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