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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


Google Chrome users can download thousands of extensions for free, and GlobalPDFConverterSearch is one of them. This extension is introduced as a tool that can optimize searches and make the entire experience better. Without a doubt, some Chrome users are likely to be intrigued by that, and they might decide to look into the tool further. Well, it does not offer anything else, and it does not fully explain how it is meant to optimize searches. Therefore, we are sure that most people will refuse to install this extension, and they will move on to find a better alternative. However, there are plenty of users who will download this PUP (potentially unwanted program) without gathering any more data. It is also possible that plenty of users will install it by accident or because it comes attached to more desirable pieces of software. In any case, we advise removing GlobalPDFConverterSearch, and if you continue reading, you will learn why.

If you downloaded GlobalPDFConverterSearch by accident, you could have executed suspicious bundled downloaders. You also could have been introduced to the PUP via random sites. However, you might have found it at as well. The Chrome Web Store is a platform that can be used to promote extensions for free, and although we expect only legitimate and beneficial extensions to be represented via it, that is not always the case. Plenty of PUPs are represented, and even malware is discovered from time to time. A few other PUPs that have been introduced via the Chrome Web Store include GlobalSearchConverter, ClickMovieSearch, and IStreamingSearch, and these are clones of GlobalPDFConverterSearch. Were they created by the same party? That could be the case. Regardless of the creator, all of these extensions are unreliable and deserve removal. Why? First of all, they do not offer any reliable or beneficial services. What about the search tool? It is the most unreliable.

When GlobalPDFConverterSearch sets as your default search provider, it does more than just adjust your way of browsing the web. It also enables an advertising platform. Although the search tool redirects to Yahoo Search, the results you are introduced to are not normal. They are modified, and the modifications include sponsored links. The PUP’s creator works with all kinds of advertisers, and their links are injected among the normal results. Some people might interact with these suspicious links without batting an eyelash – especially if they are used to Yahoo Search – but that is a mistake. Yahoo Search is only employed so that you would trust the shown results, but if you do, you could end up interacting with completely unreliable links that might route to unreliable websites. Do you want to put your virtual security at risk for a tool that does not offer anything useful at all? We are sure that you do not, and that is why we suggest that you delete GlobalPDFConverterSearch from your browser. Before you get on with that, take a few moments of your time to scan your system. You might learn that you have other threats to delete as well.

Do multiple threats exist within your system along with GlobalPDFConverterSearch? If they do, you have to delete them all, and that could be a challenging task if you decide to take it on yourself. On the other hand, if you employ legitimate anti-malware software, you will have all threats eliminated together automatically. Even better, your system will gain full-time protection, which, of course, you need if you want to keep yourself protected against not only PUPs but also much more serious threats. Of course, if you want to remove GlobalPDFConverterSearch manually, you can follow the guide below. It explains how to eliminate unwanted extensions and also how to clear browsing data, which you need to do to get rid of the data-tracking cookies that the PUP and its unknown partners employ to spy on you. After you are done with the PUP, use our website to find the manual removal guides for the other threats that might have invaded your system.

GlobalPDFConverterSearch Removal

  1. Open your Chrome browser and then tap Alt+F keys on the keyboard.
  2. Click More tools to find more options and then select Extensions.
  3. Identify the potentially unwanted program and click Remove next to it.
  4. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys to open the Clear browsing data menu.
  5. In the Advanced menu, choose a time range and boxes and click Clear data.
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