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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


ConverterSearchHD is a PUP (potentially unwanted program), and so if you expected it to work in a beneficial way, we have to disappoint you. This PUP is not only not useful but also pretty mysterious and unpredictable, and that is never a good sign. According to our researchers, this extension can collect data about its users and pass it on to parties that we know nothing about. Clearly, it is not transparent. Perhaps some users would be willing to put up with that if the services provided by the extension were useful. However, they are not useful in any way. If you have put two and two together already, you know that we recommend removing ConverterSearchHD. That is the only logical move. If you are confused, or if you want to learn more about the PUP before you delete it yourself, we suggest that you keep reading. And if you have questions, we can answer them in the comments section.

The only purpose of ConverterSearchHD is to set as the default search provider. Of course, if users were fully aware of that, it is unlikely that they would choose to install this PUP. Due to this, it claims to enhance/optimize web searches. And how is it supposed to do that? The description at does not explain that. ConverterSearchHD does not seem to have an official download website, and so the Chrome Web Store is the closest thing to an official installer. Because we are well versed in all things PUP, we can say that this one is identical to IStreamSearch, MovieSearches, ConverterSearchNow, and many other useless and unreliable Chrome extensions. Even the descriptions on the Chrome Web Store are identical, and so the creator is not trying to cover any tracks. That being said, we do not know who the creator behind all of these PUPs is, and we cannot even be 100% sure that one single party is responsible. Perhaps the same platform/template has been used by multiple different parties.

The greatest scam associated with ConverterSearchHD is that it redirects to Yahoo Search. People are familiar with this popular search engine, and they are likely to trust the content shown via it without question. Some might already use it as their main search provider, and so they might not even notice when the suspicious redirects to it. Even if you do notice that, you might brush it off as a normal thing. It is not a normal thing, and we always recommend staying vigilant when one search tool redirects to another one. You have to be vigilant about ConverterSearchHD because it modifies the search results that you find on The third parties that the PUP is associated with can use your browsing history to offer the most attractive links, but even if they might seem to offer access to the content you are interested in, they could redirect you to unknown places. We cannot predict what would happen if you interacted with the search results presented by the PUP, but if you do not want to play games with your virtual security, we suggest that you delete it without further delay.

We propose a manual removal guide to help you delete ConverterSearchHD from your Google Chrome web browser. As you can see, the process is not complicated, and you might already be familiar with the steps that need to be taken. Additional steps present how to clear browsing data, which we recommend doing to get rid of web cookies that the PUP might inject as well as to clear cache. This is not the only option, and it certainly is not even the best one. We believe that it is safest to implement anti-malware software. It is designed to automatically remove threats and PUPs, and so it can be very helpful if other threats exist along with the unreliable extension. Furthermore, it can ensure that your browsers and your system stay protected in the future, which is very important if you want to evade more serious threats. Hopefully, you now understand how the PUP works and why removing it is advised. If you are still unsure about some things, let’s continue the discussion in the comments section.

ConverterSearchHD Removal

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Simultaneously tap ALT and F keys.
  3. Click More tools in the menu at the top.
  4. Click Extensions and find the PUP.
  5. Click the Remove button next to it.
  6. Simultaneously tap Ctrl, Shift, Delete keys.
  7. Open the Advanced menu.
  8. Select the time range and boxes you prefer.
  9. Click the Clear data button.
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