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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


StreaminSearchs is a potentially unwanted program that is supposed to enhance your web search experience. However, since it is a potentially unwanted program, this extension could be exploited by malevolent third parties to promote harmful content. However, the good news about this situation is that you can remove StreaminSearchs without too much effort. What’s more, if you don’t want to remove it yourself, you can invest in a licensed antispyware tool that will terminate the application for you automatically. Don’t hesitate to scan your system and check whether you have other unwanted apps on-board.

Now, some users would say that StreaminSearchs is a malicious infection because it enters the target system without permission. It might even look like a browser hijacker because it modifies some browser settings. Nevertheless, StreaminSearchs isn’t sophisticated enough to actually infect your computer. It requires your permission to be added to your browser, and if you don’t remember how you installed this application, it means you haven’t been attentive enough. And sure, while there are official websites for the distribution, this application could easily employ other routes to reach you.

It is important to note that the official website for StreaminSearchs is at portal, and the app can also be found on the Chrome Web Store. With that, we can see that it doesn’t hide its presence, and it can be easily found via public sources. If that weren’t enough, the page for StreaminSearchs on the Chrome Web Store says that there are over 90,000 users out there who have added this application to their browser. Now, although we don’t know whether they added the app willingly or accidentally, it clearly shows that the app displays its statistics out in the open, and it doesn’t pose direct security threat.

Hence, if you don’t want to have this application on-board, but it’s there anyway, you have to review your web browsing habits. StreaminSearchs and other similar apps may travel through pop-ups and redirect windows that appear on your screen when you access some page with lots of third-party content. For instant, online gaming pages and video streaming portals often rely on third-party advertising to survive and gather money for their server costs. This practice is very common, but it gives opportunity to various exploitations because anyone could embed their content into that space. Hence, the people behind StreaminSearchs also make use of that space to promote their apps.

And when you get a pop-up window which offers adding the extension to your browser, you could easily close the window, no questions asked. However, a lot of users fail to realize that, and they unwittingly interact with the notification that triggers the installation. But here we have to acknowledge that even if you don’t notice that you agree to add StreaminSearchs, you still give your permission for the app to read your browsing history and change your search settings. Thus, it wouldn’t be right to say that this application infects you. You just install it, but you don’t notice it.

In some cases, users might also wonder why they are supposed to remove StreaminSearchs if this app improves the overall search engine performance. However, we have to remember that it does read your browsing history. Also, it doesn’t provide you with original search function. Instead, it redirects you to modified Yahoo! Search results. So, the app works more like a mediator between you and a search engine, which is absolutely unnecessary because you can easily set the search engine you want as your main search provider.

Apart from that, StreaminSearchs could also be rather intrusive, and it might expose you to custom commercial content. The custom commercial content could be associated with your likes and preferences because the app collects data on your browsing history. What’s more, some of the commercial content could be embedded with links that lead to dangerous websites.

Thus, you need to protect yourself and your computer from potential exploitation by removing StreaminSearchs today. It is really easy to delete, so don’t worry. You can employ the manual removal instructions below, or simply rely on a security tool that will get rid of all the potential threats for you automatically. Just make sure you don’t install something like StreaminSearchs again.

How to Remove StreaminSearchs

  1. Open Chrome and press Alt+F.
  2. Click Settings on the drop-down menu.
  3. Press Advanced at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. Press Reset settings.
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