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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans

Cobra Locker Ransomware

When Cobra Locker Ransomware encrypts files and locks the infected computer, it does not leave the victim in the dark. It launches a full-screen window with an intimidating image of a clown from the movie IT along with a short message that explains the situation. Due to this, the victim immediately learns that their files were encrypted and that they need a “special key” to regain access to the system and also decrypt the files. Where is this key? Can you find it online? Do you need to email the attackers to get it? These are the questions that are likely to plague your mind. Unfortunately, it is possible that your files will stay locked even if you obtain the key, which you are unlikely to do with the help of the attackers. Even if you fulfill their demands, you are unlikely to get anything in return. Due to this, we suggest that you focus on removing Cobra Locker Ransomware. That said, we hope that there is one thing that you can do after you delete the threat that helps with your files.

It is most likely that you do not know how Cobra Locker Ransomware slithered into your Windows operating system. But perhaps you remember downloading something new, visiting an unfamiliar site, clicking an update button, or perhaps opening a file/link attached to a spam email. Cybercriminals have many avenues for malware distribution, and they can even exploit several of them to help with the distribution of something like Cobra Locker Ransomware. As you might already know, this is not the only file-encrypting threat out there. In fact, there are thousands of threats similar to it, including GNS Ransomware, Boop Ransomware, or Nypd Ransomware. All of them are focused on encrypting files, and when they do that, the files become unreadable. In most cases, threats add unique extensions to mark the corrupted files, and Cobra Locker adds the “.IT” extension to all of the corrupted photos, documents, and other personal files that are targeted. Before you even know that that is what has happened, the threat launches the window with the intimidating message.

According to the Cobra Locker Ransomware message, you have to contact the attackers, and you have to do that by emailing Should you go with this demand? We warn you that contacting cybercriminals can be extremely dangerous. First of all, once they know that your system was infected successfully, they can demand a huge ransom in return for a decryption key. Would they give it to you after the ransom payment? That is unlikely to happen. Beyond that, the attackers could send you more malicious spam emails containing dangerous links and attachments, and they could also sell your email address to other attackers. So, if you are going to contact the attackers behind Cobra Locker Ransomware, set up a new email account, if you must. We suggest that you ignore them altogether. It should not be hard to come to this conclusion if you have backups. Ideally, these backups are stored online or on external drives, somewhere where the ransomware cannot corrupt them. If that is the case, delete Cobra Locker Ransomware and then use backups as replacements.

If the full-screen window launched by Cobra Locker Ransomware is still active, you can use the running process to find the .exe file of the infection. Use the guide below to find the file, terminate the screen-locker, and then delete the infection’s launcher. Of course, you do not need to go with the manual removal option. It might not be so easy to identify malware components, and it might be even harder to ensure your system’s protection for the future. Perhaps it is time for you to look into anti-malware software that can automatically delete Cobra Locker Ransomware (and other threats that might exist) and also support your system’s virtual security. Remember that this particular infection is one of the thousands of others that could encrypt your files, and there are other kinds of malware too. If you want to keep your Windows system protected against all attackers, reliable full-time protection is crucial. Backing up personal files to double down on their security is crucial too.
Cobra Locker Ransomware Removal

Tap Ctrl+Shift+Esc to launch the Task Manager.
Go to the Processes menu and look for a malicious {random name} process.
Right-click the process and choose Open file location.
Go back to the Task Manager, select the malicious process, and click End process.
Go to the malicious {random name}.exe file, right-click it, and choose Delete.
Empty Recycle Bin and then quickly install a legitimate malware scanner.
Use the tool to scan your system for leftovers.

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