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It looks like whoever is behind SearchConverters, they’re losing their creativity because you can’t even think of what this extension offers when you look at its name. It’s clear that it is a potentially unwanted program, and it’s only there to help its developers generate financial profit. While it is not a malicious infection that can destroy your system, you should not tolerate it. Especially when this app gets added to your browser accidentally. Simply remove SearchConverters and then make sure you don’t get anything similar in the future. Why use an app that cannot provide you with anything substantial?

How do we know that this app doesn’t offer anything substantial? Well, that’s because we’ve seen multiple similar extensions over the last few months. One glance at the main portal associated with SearchConverters tells us that this extension is identical to AllConvertersSearch, StreamBrosSearch, BestPDFSearch, and many other apps that have been released for the Chrome browser lately. The sheer abundance of these apps shows that they do not have much integrity, and they could be cloned just like that. Of course, it doesn’t mean that they are inherently malicious, but it is highly doubtful whether these extensions can provide you with something useful.

Users often think that SearchConverters enters their systems stealthily, but that is also not true. These extensions are not sophisticated enough to do that. They still need your permission to enter, and if you are not aware of the authorization, it doesn’t mean you haven’t given it. Consent is a tricky issue with this one. If you are not attentive when you browse the web, and you click some notification that offers SearchConverters without reading the text on it first, you still are the one who adds the extension, and the people behind this app can argue that it’s your own negligence that leads to the installation even if you do not intend to add the program.

Either way, there are multiple ways for SearchConverters to reach you. Sure, it can be added through the official portal (, and there’s also the page on the Chrome Web Store, as is common with all the other extensions from this group. But we do think that users usually add this extension through third-party sources. Think of all the pop-ups and redirect windows that you encounter when you browse various sites. While it is possible to close the pop-ups and those windows without too much trouble, one stray click on some random notification could result in SearchConverters’s entering your system. This is why we say that you have to be really careful when you browse.

Now, by adding SearchConverters to your browser, you also allow the program to do the following:

  • Read your browsing history

  • Change your search settings to:

It’s easy to miss the message that tells you about it, and so it might seem that this extension performs these modifications without your permission, and it’s easy to think that SearchConverters is a browser hijacker. But of course, that is not very far from the actual thing.

The main security issue that is associated with SearchConverters is related to third-party advertising. Since the extension can read your browsing history, it can generate custom commercial ads too. These ads can be related to whatever you’ve been searching for recently, and thus, you would feel inclined to interact with the ads, too. Since SearchConverters doesn’t review the third-party content it delivers, it is always possible to get exposed to potentially harmful content through these ads, so it’s always recommended to do everything to avoid that. The first step towards that would be removing SearchConverters for good.

We’re lucky that we can remove SearchConverters easily. In fact, resetting your browser’s settings to default is a good idea when you want to get rid of all the tracking cookies and other extensions that might be undesirable. If you want a full list of potentially unwanted programs, you should scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner. After that, you can even remove all the programs automatically, too. But please bear in mind that a reliable antispyware tool isn’t enough to protect your system from various intruders. Your web browsing habits play an important role, too.

How to Remove SearchConverters

  1. Open Chrome, press Alt+F, and click Settings.
  2. Click Advanced at the bottom.
  3. Scroll down and press Restore settings to their original defaults.
  4. Click Reset settings.
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