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Type: Browser Hijackers

Vil app

Vil app is not an extension that you should even install onto your Google Chrome browser. It is advertised as a tool that “configures your default search engine” to offer an allegedly advanced search tool. The extension is meant to provide users with a “new world of browsing,” and that might attract some users. In the past, this suspicious extension could be downloaded from chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vil-app/mgheloialdghfmmfnknhppkcncoglhlc, but at the time of research, this link no longer worked. The Chrome Web Store is a reputable app store, and it is in its best interest to protect users against PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). Unfortunately, because PUPs are not malware and actually stand in the gray zone between trusted and malicious programs, they are still introduced via the Chrome Web Store from time to time. This is why you must inspect every extension before installing it. If you installed it without any research, it is likely that you want to remove Vil app.

Since the Chrome Web Store installer does not work anymore, our hope is that there will be fewer cases of this PUP around as well. Unfortunately, we cannot dismiss the possibility that Vil app could be spread by third-party downloaders also. If you believe that the PUP might have been dropped along with other unwanted extensions or even dangerous files and programs, it is your responsibility to inspect your operating system as soon as possible. Implement a truly trusted malware scanner to help you figure out whether or not you need to delete malicious threats. Can you become more relaxed if the only threat found is Vil app? You should not be because it is a PUP, and PUPs are recognized as threats also. This particular PUP, for example, can change how you browse the web. After installation, the default search provider is changed by it, and, according to our researchers, it redirects via searchmes.xyz to s3arch.page to present search results. If you use this search tool, you are likely to interact with ads, and that is not necessarily conducive with efficient and safe browsing.

If you installed s3arch.page from the Chrome Web Store, you must have expected a different search tool to be introduced. Also, the permissions pop-up that shows up before installation explains that the PUP can change search settings (to s3redirect.com), as well as read the browsing history or change and read your data on different websites. At this time, it is not possible for us to review the privacy policies that are associated with this PUP because the Chrome Web Store installer does not work, and it does not look like this PUP has a dedicated website. However, we know for a fact that Vil app is not useful. The search tool it introduces users to cannot find useful search results, and it is most likely to be dedicated to the showing of advertisements and third-party sponsored links. Therefore, claims to offer a new world of browsing are kind of bogus. If you want a truly beneficial, efficient, and secure search tool, you should choose one that is trusted by millions of people around the world.

Should you decide to delete Vil app from Google Chrome – and that is something we recommend doing – note that you do not need to remove the unwanted search provider separately. As for the unwanted extension, it should be easy for you to delete it manually, and the instructions below were created to assist you with the task. Of course, if you know that Vil app was installed along with other suspicious pieces, you need to think if you are able to delete them manually too. If there is a single threat that you cannot eliminate manually, you will need to use the help of trusted anti-malware software, and why would you waste time removing threats manually if this software can delete them all automatically? There is more. This software can also protect you, and if you want to ensure that PUPs and more serious threats cannot invade your system and browsers in the future, reliable protection is something that you need.

Vil app Removal

  1. Open Google Chrome and tap ALT+F keys.
  2. Click More tools and then Extensions.
  3. Locate the PUP you want to get rid of and click Remove.
  4. Tap ALT+F keys and click More tools again.
  5. Click Clear browsing data and then click Advanced.
  6. Choose the time range and boxes you want.
  7. Click Clear data and then restart the browser.
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