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Danger level 4
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

WatchMyTVShows Toolbar

WatchMyTVShows Toolbar is a potentially unwanted application that happens to belong to the MindSpark Toolbar family. These browser extensions always look like they can improve your web browsing experience somehow, but the reality is that they are there to promote third-party content that could be dangerous. What’s more, these apps can be often added to the target system accidentally. Therefore, it would be for the best to remove WatchMyTVShows Toolbar today. For that, please scroll down to the bottom of this description for the manual removal instructions. Should you have more questions about this intruder, feel free to leave us a comment.

This application is compatible with the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. If you use any of the two browsers, you could accidentally add this app. The point is that the application doesn’t really hide its presence. It has an official homepage via, and it can also be found on the Chrome Web Store. So, it seems that everything is fine, so why users are bound to complain about this app? Well, it’s mostly because they do not plan to install this application, and it yet, it still somehow finds its way into their computers.

This usually happens due to the freeware distribution practices. Potentially unwanted programs have many ways to reach target systems. For instance, they can employ freeware packages to reach their final destinations. If you tend to download programs from file-sharing websites, you might download something like WatchMyTVShows Toolbar accidentally. What’s more, it is often possible to deselect the unwanted applications during the installation process, but users fail to do so because they breeze through the setup, thinking it is an automatic process. Consequently, many unwanted applications could be added to your system. In other words, WatchMyTVShows Toolbar could be just one of the many unnecessary programs on-board.

Now, as mentioned, WatchMyTVShows Toolbar does a very good job of giving you the impression it is a useful application. As you can tell from its name, the toolbar supposedly helps you locate all your favorite TV shows, and you should be able to watch them without too much difficulty. However, when you agree to add this application to your browser, you have these permissions:

  • Replace the page you see when opening a new tab

  • Read your browsing history

  • Display notifications

  • Manage your apps, extensions, and themes

Here you might say that you didn’t notice the notification that informed you about the said permissions, but the truth is that WatchMyTVShows Toolbar doesn’t perform the browser modifications without having informed you about it beforehand. That is also one of the reasons we cannot say that this application is a browser hijacker: it doesn’t do anything behind your back.

If you don’t notice something, perhaps it’s time to review your web browsing habits, so that you would avoid similar intruders in the future. For the most part, such applications are not dangerous, they are just annoying. However, we cannot say the same about the third-party partners that might make use of WatchMyTVShows Toolbar to promote their content.

As you can see, WatchMyTVShows Toolbar can monitor your browsing history and then display notifications. It means that the app may display targeted content. It can be used as a promotional platform for third-party content, and that content could be generated based on your likes and preferences.

In a way, that would probably help you find the commercial content you need faster, but such type of advertising cannot protect you from potentially corrupted content, and thus, you have to be very careful about the links you lick and the pop-ups you encounter.

Due to this, it would be best to remove WatchMyTVShows Toolbar from your system. It is not that complicated to delete the extension manually. But let’s not forget that there could be more unwanted applications on-board. So, here you could employ a licensed antispyware tool that would help you locate other unwanted applications and delete them all automatically.

Afterward, be sure to invest in a licensed security tool that would help you protect your system from various threats. You should consider reviewing your browsing habits, so you would avoid similar applications in the future.

How to Remove WatchMyTVShows Toolbar


  1. Press Alt + F and click Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  3. Scroll down and press Restore browser settings to their original defaults.
  4. Click Reset settings to complete.


  1. Press Alt + H and select Troubleshooting information.
  2. On the top right of the new tab, click Refresh Firefox.
  3. Click Refresh Firefox and press Finish.
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