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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Shows commercial adverts

Search Pro

Search Pro appears to be a browser hijacker. It means that the extension might settle in on your browser by changing its homepage or default search engine. Researchers say that this application might make Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox load a website called search.hsearchpro.com when they are launched or when a user starts a new search on the Internet. If you want to learn more about this application, like where it might come from and how it might work, we invite you to read the rest of this article. If you also want to learn how to get rid of Search Pro, we can offer our removal instructions available at the end of this article. They show how to erase the browser hijacker step by step.

Research shows that Search Pro has an official website called searchpro.app. What users ought to know about this website is that it could ask them permission to show notifications. The website’s message may claim that it will provide the latest news and updates via its notifications, but it is likely that its announcements could also contain ads from unknown third parties. Therefore, we advise thinking carefully if you want to receive notifications from searchpro.app. If you do not, it is advisable to click NO THANKS instead of ALLOW.

Furthermore, at the moment of writing, Google Chrome users can come across Search Pro when visiting the Chrome Web Store page. We doubt that the mentioned websites are the only sources where users could obtain this extension. Many browser hijackers travel with bundled software installers or pop-ups and ads. In any case, if you want to avoid installing such applications, we recommend researching software thoughtfully before installing it, especially if it comes from developers of which you have never heard before. To put it simply, users should get as much information as possible before deciding if they should install something on their devices. Of course, unreliable and malicious applications may have convincing descriptions that might make it sound as if they are safe and useful. Thus, it would be smart to keep a reputable antimalware tool that could warn you about questionable and dangerous content too.

If users install the Search Pro extension, it might hijack their browser by changing its homepage and default search engine with a search site called search.hsearchpro.com. This website seems to be using the Yahoo search engine to gather the needed results. However, our researchers say that it might redirect to a modified search.yahoo.com version, which means that the application’s creators might be able to inject the displayed results with ads from its third-party partners. It is quite possible as the extension’s Privacy Policy says that Search Pro could gather information about a user’s browsing and share such data with advertisers and advertising networks that may “place ads (including sponsored links in search results) on or through our Services.” If you do not want ads from unknown third parties in your search results, you could erase the browser hijacker.

If you decide that you do not need Search Pro on your browser, you could delete it either manually or with a reputable antimalware tool. If you prefer the first option, you might want to check the instructions available below this paragraph. They show how to remove Search Pro from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox manually. In case the process seems too complicated, or you prefer using a reputable antimalware tool to delete Search Pro, we advise performing a full system scan. During it, the extension ought to be identified as a browser hijacker, and you should be able to eliminate it and other identified items right after the scan. If you need more assistance with the application's removal or have any questions about it, you could leave us a message at the end of this page.

Erase Search Pro

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+A.
  3. Go to Extensions.
  4. Find Search Pro.
  5. Click the three-dotted icon and select Remove.
  6. Click Remove to confirm.
  7. Restart the browser.

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press ALT+F.
  3. Pick More tools and click on Extensions.
  4. Find Search Pro and click the Remove button placed near it.
  5. Select Remove to finish.
  6. Close the browser.
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