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If you’re using your web search for specific searches, you might want to customize your search engine or employ some tools that would make your searches more convenient. However, we would strongly recommend against using such tools as VideozSearchs. It is a potentially unwanted program, and it means that some of its features could be either deceiving or annoying. Also, it might be added to your Chrome browser accidentally, and if that’s really the case, you should definitely remove VideozSearchs from your browser, and then look for other apps that might’ve been added to your system accidentally.

You might also be surprised to read that users add a lot of unwanted programs accidentally, but that’s a lot more common than you think. Since users browse the web here and there, they might easily enter websites that support third-party advertising, and those ads could contain redirects and pop-ups to pages that either promote freeware or automatically try to add extensions to the target browser. Thus, in order to avoid something like VideozSearchs, one has to be attentive when they surf unfamiliar pages or when they see random pop-ups on their screens. Don’t click on those pop-ups just because they look harmless!

Of course, we also cannot say that VideozSearchs is a malicious computer infection. A malicious infection would not require your permission to enter your system, and this application does do that. Maybe you just don’t notice that if you don’t read the notifications, but here are the permissions this app requests right before it gets added to your browser:

  • Read your browsing history
  • Change your search settings to:

Thus, if you do not notice the request to grant these permissions, it might seem that your browser was taken over by a browser hijacker, but that is definitely not the case. Also, even if you do not get VideozSearchs via an official source, this extension still has an official website. The main homepage is located at, and the app is also available at the Chrome Web Store. So, that clearly proves this extension doesn’t hide its presence, and there is nothing malicious about it.

On the other hand, it is rather doubtful whether the app itself is as useful as it claims. It might seem that it can help you find relevant videos or something that you usually look for when you browse the web. But the reality is that VideozSearchs doesn’t have an original search provider. All of its search results are powered by Yahoo. So, do you really need a third-party app to redirect you to a known search engine when you can simply use it directly?

What’s more, the main security issue associated with VideozSearchs is buried in its ability to read your browsing history. Of course, the extension is too primitive to be able to steal your private information, but all the data it collects on your web browsing habits could be used for online marketing purposes. It can also allow the extension to generate custom commercial content for you to see when you browse the web. It might sound useful, but let’s not forget that VideozSearchs cannot review the content it promotes. So, there is no guarantee that the links you get through the extension are 100% safe. At the same time, this is a security loophole that can be used by malevolent third parties to expose you to dangerous content.

Therefore, you have to consider all the aspects of this extension when you wonder whether you have to keep it or not. It’s not just the aspect of being annoying. It’s also about all the potential security issues that come barging in together with VideozSearchs. The extension might not mean it, but there is no telling where it could lead you if you’re not careful about it.

That’s why we would like to recommend resetting your browser’s settings to default. While it is possible to simply remove VideozSearchs via the extension’s menu, it would be better to simply delete all the traces of additional extensions and plug-ins. You can also scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner if you want to make sure that your system is absolutely clean and safe. Who knows, maybe you’ll find more unwanted software on-board.

How to Remove VideozSearchs

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F and click Settings on the menu.
  3. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  4. Click Restore settings to their original defaults at the bottom.
  5. Click Reset settings.
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