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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


SportStreamSearch is one of those potentially unwanted programs that could easily enter your system. They’re not malicious infections, and you should not panic if you see this app on your browser. However, computer security experts strongly recommend that you remove SportStreamSearch from your system as soon as possible. Since it is possible to achieve via manual removal, you can follow the instructions at the bottom of this description. On the other hand, if you do not feel inclined to deal with this manually, you can invest in a powerful security tool that would help you determine the exact status of your computer.

The problem with potentially unwanted programs like SportStreamSearch is that users download and add them to their browsers themselves. Although it might seem that these applications appear out of nowhere, the truth is that they cannot enter your system surreptitiously. They need your permission and authorization to work. Likewise, SportStreamSearch also requires a number of permissions to run. Here’s the list of things you allow this program to do when you add it to your browser:

  • Read your browsing history
  • Change your search settings to:

As you can see, all the changes that are carried out on your browser are solicited, even if you are not aware of that. Hence, you have no one else but yourself to blame for having SportStreamSearch on-board.

Where does SportStreamSearch come from? Well, potentially unwanted programs always have multiple ways to reach the target systems. Of course, they have official websites, and the same applies to this extension as well. Its official homepage is located at, but the app can also be found at the Chrome Web Store. So, in a sense, it is easy to see that the application is not malicious, as it doesn’t hide its presence.

On the other hand, it’s clear that the official websites are just part of the app’s distribution network. It is far more likely for this application to come bundled with freeware or through various pop-ups and redirects. When you browse the web, you have to make sure that you stay away from potentially harmful content. For instance, if the site that you visit displays a lot of ads, you should consider leaving it, as there’s no guarantee those ads wouldn’t expose you to something like SportStreamSearch.

Also, if you tend to download new programs all the time, make sure you download apps from official websites instead of freeware sharing pages. It might seem easier to get apps from file-sharing websites that hoard multiple apps together, but it’s not safe. Third-party websites are bound to bundle several applications together. And while you can deselect unwanted apps during the installation process, a lot of users fail to do that because they simply don’t pay attention. As a result, SportStreamSearch and many other unwanted apps manage to enter the target system. That’s why we say it would be a good idea to scan your computer: This browser extension could be just one of the many unwanted programs currently running.

If you’re looking for ways to remove SportStreamSearch, you probably know already that this extension changes your default search provider to In a sense, it might seem that the extension can provide you with relevant search results, but all of your queries get redirected to modified Yahoo! Search results. So, it means that SportStreamSearch does not have an original search provider, and it relies on a popular search engine. Also, by reading your web browsing history, the application can generate custom commercial content that you would be more willing to interact with. This could be quite dangerous if malevolent third parties exploit SportStreamSearch to promote their content. Therefore, the sooner you remove this extension from your browser, the better.

It is possible to delete SportStreamSearch via your browser’s menu, but we would strongly recommend resetting your browser altogether. As mentioned, there might be more apps that you don’t know, and by resetting your browser, you would terminate them all in one click. Finally, to ensure that your system is safe and sound, scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner. If more potential threats are detected, remove them automatically, and make sure that you stay away from unfamiliar websites in the future.

How to Remove SportStreamSearch

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  3. Scroll down and press Advanced.
  4. Scroll down again and click Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. Click Reset settings to confirm.
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