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Advanced Network Care

Mac users might find themselves pondering the installation of Advanced Network Care because this app promises to diagnose network problems, optimize the internet speed, analyze wi-fi, and also optimize the app network. At the time of research, the app offered two payment plans, both of which came with huge discounts. The Standard plan for one Mac was discounted to $8.99 from $19.99, and the Premium plan for five Macs was discounted to $18.88 from $49.99. Unfortunately, the pricing of a tool can sway the opinions of many users, when, in reality, they should be looking at the included features and benefits. Even if this tool was offered at $1, we would not recommend installing it, and that is because we know that trusting it is risky. If you continue reading this report, you will learn all about this PUP (potentially unwanted program) and how to delete it from your Mac operating system. If you cannot wait to remove Advanced Network Care, check out the instructions below.

The official download site for Advanced Network Care is macbooster.net/anc.php?, and it is promoted along with MacBooster. Both applications were created by IObit, and they can be installed separately. That being said, if you have used a different installer, or if the program was introduced via a software bundle, there is a chance that the PUP came packaged with other questionable pieces of software. Due to this, before you continue reading, we believe that you should perform a full system scan. It is likely that no other threats that require removal exist, but you want to make sure of it. Of course, if threats are found, you have to address them immediately; however, whether Advanced Network Care stands alone or among other threats, you might want to consider erasing it. According to the official download source, this app is compatible with all Mac OS versions, starting with OS X 10.6. The user reviews introduced on the site suggest that the PUP can fix errors that are slowing down systems. The thing is that these reviews could be completely bogus, as there is no way of verifying them. That is not the only problem.

If you download Advanced Network Care – and the scanner is free – it immediately performs a scan to find alleged problems. Unfortunately, these “problems” are not identified specifically, and you are most likely to find only numbers of alleged issues that are linked to your browser, iCloud, iTunes, the AppStore, and software. Also, there is no free trial, which means that you cannot actually test the program before investing in it. According to cybersecurity researchers, Advanced Network Care is also suspicious because, during installation, it introduces the EULA and Privacy Policy statements in small font size, which makes it harder for users to review them. Ultimately, our greatest issue with the PUP is that it seems to exaggerate the situation by using the word “problem,” which might intimidate users. All in all, it is unclear whether the application can be trusted to find and fix real errors in a way that would significantly increase the speeds of the system and the connected internet, which is why we believe that users should consider deleting it regardless of whether or not they paid money for it already.

Another surprising thing about Advanced Network Care is that it cannot be fully uninstalled using the usual method of dragging the unwanted app to Trash. According to our researchers, extra steps need to be taken, and if you follow the instructions below, we hope that you will be able to fully delete Advanced Network Care yourself. It is also a good idea to scan the operating system to check whether there is anything else that needs to be addressed. In the future, when you find something else you might want to install, always perform thorough research because it takes only a few minutes to figure out whether an app is legitimate, but it can take much longer to figure out that the installed app is unreliable or how to remove it from the operating system. If you would like to continue the discussions about the PUP, do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

Advanced Network Care Removal

  1. Close the application.
  2. Click the Finder app in the Dock.
  3. Open the Applications folder.
  4. Find the PUP and drag it to the Trash.
  5. Click the Finder app again and click Go.
  6. Click Computer->Macintosh HD->Library.
  7. Open the Application Support folder.
  8. Delete the Advanced Network Care folder.
  9. Empty Trash.
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