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Sometimes it is not worth it to have a browser extension that is supposed to provide you with some specific function. For example, PDFConvertersSearch might look like a useful tool that should help you convert your files into PDF format. However, this Chrome extension is more like a search provider that mediates between you and a prominent search engine. You don’t really need a mediator for that because you can choose whatever search engine you want yourself. Therefore, if you have accidentally installed this extension, you can remove PDFConvertersSearch right now, following the manual removal guidelines below.

We would like to point out that if you have PDFConvertersSearch on your browser, it doesn’t mean that you were infected with a browser hijacker. A browser hijacker would modify your browser’s settings without your permission, and this extension doesn’t do that. Even if you don’t remember giving this extension various permissions, you still authorize the installation.

You might find it perplexing, but that’s the thing about potentially unwanted programs. They are hardly dangerous, and users install them accidentally due to their distribution methods. PDFConvertersSearch has many ways to reach you because it has official sources, and it can also be distributed via third-party links.

For instance, the official website is located at, and you should be able to add the extension to your browser from there. Or, it is also possible to locate PDFConvertersSearch at the Chrome Web Store. With that, we can clearly see that the application doesn’t hide its presence, and it also informs users about what it is supposed to do.

But of course, the official sources are just part of the PDFConvertersSearch distribution network. It is very likely that it comes bundled with freeware, or you might click some link on a web that supports third-party advertising, and it could launch a redirect that offers PDFConvertersSearch. It actually shows how important it is to reconsider some of your web browsing habits. You might need to be a lot more careful about the websites you visit if you want to avoid such things like PDFConvertersSearch in the future.

However, please be aware of the fact that extensions like PDFConvertersSearch cannot enter your system unless you authorize that. Hence, all the permissions that this extension has are there because you agreed to it. This application can read your browsing history, and it also changes your search settings to If you don’t notice how this application gets added to your browser, the sudden modification of your default search engine settings might seem suspicious, but please bear in mind that it all happens with your permission.

In a sense, PDFConvertersSearch might seem like a useful application, and you can definitely use it when you browse the web. But let’s not forget about the part where this extension can read your browsing history. Most of the applications like this one do that in order to generate custom commercial content that you will see at the end of your search query.

While there is nothing malicious about that, we have to remember that PDFConvertersSearch cannot review the content it promotes. Hence, if someone decides to make use of this extension to promote their corrupt content, PDFConvertersSearch would not be able to stop them. It that happens, you are entirely on your own if you land on some dangerous website. Therefore, keeping such issues in mind, it would be for the best to remove PDFConvertersSearch from your system once and for all.

Luckily, dealing with potentially unwanted programs isn’t that hard. While you can remove the app through the extension’s menu, it would be wiser to simply reset your browser to default. This is a good idea if you think there might be more unfamiliar or dangerous apps installed. You could delete them all in one sweep.

However, you should also scan your computer with a security tool that will locate other potential threats. Not all unwanted programs are added to your browser. Some might be working in the background of your system. You need to locate all the potential threats and remove them at once. Investing in a licensed security tool would also be a good choice, so don’t hesitate to do that.

How to Delete PDFConvertersSearch

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  3. Scroll down and click Advanced.
  4. Press Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. Click Reset settings.
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