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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


SearchConverter is an extension that is meant to both provide you with a web search tool and also free conversion tools that are capable of converting files, currency, and cryptocurrency (via Because this extension is free to download, it might seem attractive. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most dangerous threats can be attractive, and so it would be a mistake to judge a tool or a service based on promises or polished descriptions alone. If you trust the information on the Chrome Web Store at, you might think that the extension is beneficial and even can offer unmatched services. In reality, the “optimized” search results that this extension promises are just advertisements and sponsored links, interacting with which might be dangerous. It should come as no surprise that we recommend removing SearchConverter. Of course, even if you understand the reasons for deleting this extension, you might be unable to get rid of this threat all on your own. We are here to assist you.

According to our researchers, SearchConverter is officially introduced at and the Chrome Web Store. If you were introduced to this extension via a different platform or a different distributor, you might have installed it with a bundle. That means that you could have been forced or tricked into installing it along with other suspicious, unfamiliar pieces of software. Undoubtedly, if this is how you let this extension in, you need to analyze the additional software or extensions to determine whether they are safe or should be deleted. Even if SearchConverter stands on its own, it is very problematic. The company that stands behind this PUP (potentially unwanted program) is webcoapps, and we know it very well because it is also responsible for SearchAholic, SearchHD, SearchWizard, and many other Google Chrome extensions that, allegedly, can help browse the web in an optimized way. They all read browsing history, utilize tracking cookies to collect other browsing-related information, and work with unlisted advertisers to help them attract clicks. That means that the PUP is limited to presenting additional links that belong to partners only. That does not sound like a beneficially optimized service to us. is the search provider that SearchConverter sets instead of your normal default provider. If it exposed users to sponsored links/advertisements alone, they would realize that it is untrustworthy and not beneficial immediately. That must be why the PUP is set to redirect to Yahoo Search first. Therefore, when you enter a search keyword into the address bar of your browser, you are redirected to via seamlessly, and you might not even notice that the PUP has injected ads into the corresponding results at all. Hopefully, you need no explanation as to why interacting with these injected ads is not a good idea. To put it simply, you do not know who works with SearchConverter to show ads, and because they can access information about you, they could use it to create the most attractive personalized content. What if the PUP was associated with schemers, and they were using the search engine and the collected user-related data to present false advertising and scams?

You have to be mindful about what kinds of services and tools you use because there are more fake and useless ones than you can even begin to imagine. SearchConverter might not seem so terrible, but it tracks information about you, communicates with unlisted advertisers and shares data, redirects to a popular search engine, and then finally shows sponsored links. Undoubtedly, this is not the amazing, optimized search tool you expected it to be, and so it is time for you to remove it. Do you have a plan that will help you delete SearchConverter? If you are lost here, we suggest considering two main options: manual removal and automated removal. If you decide to delete the PUP yourself, follow the guide below, and do not forget to inspect your system with a malware scanner afterward. If you decide to implement a legitimate anti-malware tool, choose a trusted one, so that it could automatically scan your system, erase threats, and then also secure your system against the invasion of new PUPs and dangerous malware.

SearchConverter Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Open the Chrome menu by tapping Alt+F keys.
  3. Click More tools and then Extensions.
  4. Remove SearchConverter.
  5. Tap Alt+F keys and click More tools once more.
  6. Click Clear browsing data and move to Advanced.
  7. Select an appropriate time range and boxes.
  8. Click Clear data and restart the browser.
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