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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

LiveStreamNewsToday Promos

LiveStreamNewsToday Promos is described as a browser extension that allows you to “Receive relevant advertisements as you browse the internet” with Google Chrome. If you encounter this application, you should ask yourself whether you like tailored advertisements and need a tool that would show them to you. If you do not, it is likely that this plugin could be annoying to you. We recommend reading our full article if you need more information before deciding whether installing this plugin would be a good or a bad idea. As for users who already have this plugin on their browsers, but wish to remove it, we advise using a reliable antimalware tool or our deletion instructions located at the end of this article. The steps show how to delete LiveStreamNewsToday Promos from Google Chrome.

As usual, we ought to begin with where the application might come from. Our researchers noticed that it is currently available on the Chrome Web Store page and its official website called However, the plugin was classified as a potentially unwanted program and such tools are often spread through bundled software installers, pop-up advertisements, and redirects. Thus, we cannot be certain, but there is a chance that this extension could be spread not only through Chrome Web Store and the official website. Usually, we advise users who want to stay away from potentially unwanted programs to never download software from doubtful sources. In other words, you should avoid unreliable file-sharing web pages and pop-up ads. Plus, we highly recommend finding out more details about programs before downloading them if you do not want to end up with untrustworthy or malicious software.

It looks like LiveStreamNewsToday Promos does not need to change any browser preferences like other similar potentially unwanted programs. However, users who install it might still see its presence as the application might show various advertisements. Our researchers say that such content could appear on websites that you visit as the application asks for permission to “Read and change all your data on the websites you visit.” As you can guess from the extension’s title, some of the ads could promote live streams or websites that provide such content, but they might also advertise various other things. Whatever, the plugin’s ads could promote it looks like they might be targeted as the extension’s description says that “By monitoring your web browsing activity, we can make sure offers and promotions are tailored to you.”

LiveStreamNewsToday Promos can monitor your browsing by viewing your browsing history from which the plugin can learn what websites you visit, what products or services you might be interested in, and so on. Moreover, you ought to know that the application could share information it collects with third parties as its Privacy Policy says: “We may share your Information with third party advertising networks and advertisers to help deliver Third Party Ads to you and to improve the relevancy of such Third Party Ads.” Naturally, if you consider data in your browsing history to be personal and do not want it to be collected or shared with unknown third parties, you may want to stay away from this potentially unwanted program or delete LiveStreamNewsToday Promos if you already installed it.

Our researchers say that the extension works only on Google Chrome and so to remote it manually, users should access the browser’s extensions menu. If you are not sure you know how to do this, you could use our removal instructions available below that show how to erase LiveStreamNewsToday Promos from Google Chrome’s extensions menu. There is one other way to delete the potentially unwanted program. Instead of erasing it from your browser, you could install a reliable antimalware tool and perform a full system scan. After the scanning is over, your selected antimalware tool should let you delete LiveStreamNewsToday Promos and other issues that it might identify by pressing its presented removal button. If you need more help or want to ask something about the plugin, do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment below.

Remove LiveStreamNewsToday Promos

  1. Launch your Google Chrome.
  2. Copy the following line: chrome://extensions
  3. Insert it into your browser’s address bar and click Enter.
  4. Look for LiveStreamNewsToday Promos, tap Remove, and confirm if needed.
  5. Restart your browser.
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