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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

Mazy Search

Mazy Search is a potentially unwanted program that comes with the promise to provide you with a new supposedly useful function. However, there is always a question of whether you planned to install this application or not. If you didn’t want to have this program, you shouldn’t tolerate it on your system. Simply follow the manual removal instructions at the bottom of this description and delete Mazy Search. At the same time, do not forget whether you have more unwanted applications installed because such programs tend to travel in groups.

Normally, when we deal with potentially unwanted programs that function as browser extensions, we would deal with an app that can be added to all browsers. Mazy Search, on the other hand, works only on the Chrome browser. Just like that, it joins Quick Radio, SearchConverter, Converter Suite, and many other potentially unwanted applications we have discussed before. All these apps work as Chrome extensions, and they come forth offering some new function, even though one cannot guarantee that the function or the service isn’t redundant. Again, we have to always be sure that we want and need the programs and applications we have on our system. And if any program gets there accidentally, it would be better to not tolerate it.

So, how does Mazy Search enter your system? Since it is not a malicious infection, it doesn’t even need to hide its presence in any mysterious way. There are official sources that distribute the app, and those include the official homepage at and the Chrome Web Store. The fact that you can find Mazy Search on the Chrome Web Store should be enough to convince you that the app is reliable. However, if you say that you didn’t use Chrome Web Store, or that you’ve never visited the official website, and the app is still there on your browser, there’s an explanation for that as well.

Potentially unwanted programs often employ other software distribution tactics. For instance, they can come bundled with freeware, or you could authorize the app when you visit some website that is involved in the freeware distribution. When it comes to bundles, you can actually choose what to install during the setup process. All you have to do is read the installation steps carefully. Since a lot of users fail to do that, they end up with something like Mazy Search on their browsers.

The same applies to pop-ups and redirects. If you read the notifications that these pop-ups show to you, you can easily choose to block or close the new window or a pop-up, and then just carry on with whatever you’ve been doing. If, by any chance, a pop-up doesn’t allow you to close the browser window, you can close the window with the Alf+F4 command. So, when it comes to potentially unwanted software, you always have a choice.

However, if Mazy Search gets added to your browser, you automatically agree to change your search settings to (even if you are not aware of that). It also might look that this extension will give you a new way to search, but you will soon see that all of your search queries get redirected to Google. So, what’s the point of having additional application if you can use Google Search directly? Also, there is a good chance that the extension will read your web browsing history to provide you with custom commercial content. Although there is nothing malicious about that, such behavior can be quite annoying and intrusive.

Hence, if you do not want to deal with Mazy Search any longer, please remove the extension today. You can delete the app through the Chrome settings menu, although we would strongly recommend resetting your browser’s settings to default. Since you might have more unwanted programs installed and extensions added, you might be able to remove them all at once.

As for your computer’s safety, you should also consider investing in a licensed antispyware tool, as regular system scans would help you determine and find potential threats as soon as possible. Please don’t forget that a security tool cannot help you avoid all the potential threats. You should also be more responsible and careful about the websites you visit when you browse the Internet.

How to Remove Mazy Search

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  3. Click Advanced at the bottom of the page.
  4. Scroll down and press Restore the setting to their original defaults.
  5. Click Reset settings to complete.
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