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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


Users who encounter RecipeFox should know that the application falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs. Currently, it seems to be working only on Google Chrome browsers so we doubt that users of other browsing applications could come across it. This extension offers a particular search engine and access to cooking instructions and recipes. Even if such information is exactly what you are looking for, we recommend learning more about this potentially unwanted program before deciding if it is a good idea for you to install it. You can find out more about it if you read the rest of this article. We can also offer you our deletion instructions located at the end of this article that show how to remove RecipeFox manually if that is what you decide to do.

The application’s official website is available via the following address: It is one of the places from which the potentially unwanted program could be downloaded. The other website that currently allows users to download RecipeFox is The extension’s profile on Chrome Web Store contains a description of the application’s functionality. There are no user reviews and the plugin has not been rated yet either. Another thing that we noticed on the extension’s profile is that it does not have links to the tool’s End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Specialists recommend viewing these documents before installing any kind of application, so not displaying them could be inconvenient to users.

Our researchers say that there is a chance that the plugin could be downloaded not only from Chrome Web Store or its official site. Given that RecipeFox falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs, it is possible that it could be also distributed like tools that belong to this category. Usually, such software is offered on pop-ups, various ads, and file-sharing websites. Therefore, if users want to keep away from potentially unwanted programs, we recommend researching software that they are interested in carefully. If you learn that your chosen program is reliable, we advise downloading it from a trustworthy website and not some file-sharing site or a web page you might get redirected to after clicking a suspicious advertisement. If you wish to take extra precautions, researchers advise getting a reliable antimalware tool that could wan you about untrustworthy or malicious content.

According to RecipeFox description on the Chrome Web Store page, the application allows users to “Access thousands of recipes for various meals” and includes “ratings, summaries and the ability to review recipes.” If you want to learn how to cook or want to find new recipes, the plugin could sound perfect to you. However, as it is a potentially unwanted program, it could have undesirable qualities. For instance, the extension could change your homepage, new tab page, and default search engine. These changes might seem annoying because the application ought to replace all the mentioned preferences with a search engine called Meaning, that after installing the application, your Google Chrome might start redirecting you to the same website every time you start a new search, create a new tab, or open your browser.

Moreover, users should know that RecipeFox search engine ( may take them to another search engine known as If you like searching via Google you might not mind the redirection, but it could seem odd that the application’s search engine does not display search results. Some potentially unwanted programs offer such search websites so they could display advertising content to their users by modifying search results gathered by Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines. However, our researchers say that RecipeFox search website does not redirect to a modified Thus, it is difficult to say why the potentially unwanted program offers a search engine that redirects to instead of displaying results itself.

If RecipeFox works not as you have hoped when you installed it or you do not want to keep a potentially unwanted program, you could eliminate it. Our researchers say that users can delete the plugin manually if they go to the Google Chrome’s extensions menu. If you need any guidance to perform this task, you could use the instructions placed at the end of this article. Of course, if the task still seems challenging, you could install a reliable antimalware tool, scan your system with it, and then erase RecipeFox by pressing the provided removal button.

Remove RecipeFox

  1. Launch your Google Chrome.
  2. Copy the following line: chrome://extensions
  3. Insert it into your browser’s address bar and click Enter.
  4. Look for RecipeFox, tap Remove, and confirm if needed.
  5. Restart your browser.
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