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SearchAholic is a browser extension that may require permissions to change your default search engine and view your browsing history. According to the application’s Privacy Policy, one of the reasons why the tool needs to collect browsing data is “The legitimate interest of operating the service.” If you want to know the other reasons as well as how this extension works or how it might be distributed, we advise reading our full article. If you slide a bit below it, you should find our removal instructions that show how to delete SearchAholic from Google Chrome browsers. If you want to ask something about the extension or its removal, do not hesitate to leave us a message in the comments section available at the end of this page.

SearchAholic works only on Google Chrome browsers and like many extensions offered for this browning application it is currently offered on the Chrome Web Store page. Besides this platform, the tool can be downloaded from a website called Our researchers say that while being on this website users might notice a browser notification asking if they want to allow the site to show them notifications. If you hate advertising, we advise thinking twice before clicking the Allow button because notifications from could turn out to be third-party advertisements and they may appear on your Desktop.

Moreover, researchers say that SearchAholic is a potentially unwanted program, which means it could have undesirable functionality. It also means that the tool could be spread like other potentially unwanted programs, for example, via pop-ups, bundled software installers, or ads. Of course, we cannot be certain about this. In any case, if you would like to stay away from similar software in the future, we advise not only to learn all there is about tools that you come across on the Internet but also to make sure that they come from reliable sources. Besides, it is advisable to update your browser as often as possible to make sure it could warn you about suspicious websites or other content on the Internet more often.

Next, we wish to talk more about the application’s working manner. As said earlier, SearchAholic might change your default search engine with a search website called If you wonder whether it works better then major search engines like Google or Yahoo, you ought to know that instead of displaying search results it might redirect you to the Yahoo search engine. Thus, it might feel like you are searching via Another thing that we mentioned in the beginning was that the potentially unwanted program could view your browsing history and one of the reasons that SearchAholic Privacy Policy gives, is that it needs it to perform.

However, if you read the extension’s Privacy Policy carefully, you should see that it might also gather both personal and anonymous information to “Recommend content based on your preferences.” It is also mentioned that SearchAholic might share some user data with “third parties (including retailers, media networks, feed providers)” and for the same reasons. Therefore, it is quite possible that the application’s recommended content could turn out to be targeted advertisements from various third parties. Such ads could be irritating and unreliable as they may come from unknown sources. Consequently, we advise being cautious if you plan on using SearchAholic.

As for users, who decide to eliminate SearchAholic, we can offer a couple of solutions. The first one is to remove the potentially unwanted program directly from your browser. This task might be easier than it sounds and if you would like to learn how to complete it, we recommend using our deletion instructions located below. The other option is to scan your computer with a reliable antimalware tool. Since the extension is classified as a potentially unwanted program, it should get detected during the scan. Once it is over, you should be able to remove SearchAholic and other located items by pressing the displayed deletion button.

Remove SearchAholic

  1. Launch your Google Chrome.
  2. Copy the following line: chrome://extensions
  3. Insert it into your browser’s address bar and click Enter.
  4. Look for SearchAholic and press Remove.
  5. Restart your browser.
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