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Tiger PDF

Do you work with PDF documents all the time? Perhaps you need to convert other file formats into PDF files every other minute, and you always end up using some random third-party website? If that’s the case, Tiger PDF might look like an answer to your prayers because this application offers a PDF converter that is right at your fingertips. However, must also warn you that our research team considers this application a potentially unwanted program. It means that this app could have certain undesirable features, and you should seriously consider them before you add it to your browser. Also, if you don’t need it, you might as well remove Tiger PDF right now.

As one can easily guess, potentially unwanted programs are not genuine malware infections. They function like normal apps, and they can be downloaded from official sources. The same applies to Tiger PDF as well. This application is a Chrome extension, and that’s why we can easily get it at the Chrome Web Store. There’s also an official website for the application via It only shows that the app doesn’t hide its presence and it is possible to read more about it on its homepage. On the other hand, if it doesn’t hide its presence, why some users are confused to find it on their browsers?

Well, that is because Tiger PDF could be distributed via third-party downloads, pop-ups, and redirects. So, if you want to avoid adding unnecessary extensions to your browser, you can to be attentive when you encounter various notifications and pop-ups on unfamiliar websites. It might look like a random pop-up, but if a notification offers to add another extension to your browser, it would be for the best to decline. Also, whenever you install new programs you download from file-sharing websites, be sure to read the installation wizard steps carefully. There might be a clause somewhere that offers Tiger PDF (or anything similar for that matter), and you might miss the chance to opt out if you simply skip the installation steps.

Also, if you don’t notice how Tiger PDF gets added to your browser, you might think that you got infected with a browser hijacker. Nevertheless, that’s quite far from the truth. Right before Tiger PDF gets added to the target browser, it displays a notification about the permissions it requests. From what we have gathered, the extension requires the following permissions:

  • Read your browsing history
  • Change your search settings to:

Unless the permissions are granted, Tiger PDF cannot be added to the browser. And once extension is on, it modifies the default search settings. All of your search queries get redirected to a modified Yahoo! Search page through It might also seem that the new settings should provide you with relevant search results, but the question is whether you really need a third-party app to do something you can do on your browser alone.

As far as the functionality of Tiger PDF is concerned, it’s said that this extension “allows quick search and conversion of PDF files from the browser search bar.” It says that Tiger PDF allows you to “convert your files to PDF easily without hassle or need to install any other applications.” If that’s what you’ve been looking for, the app might seem useful. But at the same time, the additional features like the search engine modification and browsing history monitoring can be quite off-putting.

Therefore, we would strongly recommend reconsidering whether you need this app or not. If Tiger PDF arrived at your browser accidentally, it’s about time you remove it.

It is possible to delete the extension via the extension menu on your browser. But if you want to get rid of all the tracking cookies and so on, it’s more beneficial to reset your browser to default. For that, you can follow the instructions right below this description.

Also, please invest in a legitimate antispyware tool that could help you run a full system scan once you are done with the browser reset. You have to check whether there are more unwanted applications on-board. If more unwanted programs are found, you can remove them all automatically without any further ado.

How to Remove Tiger PDF

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced.
  4. Scroll down again and click Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. Click Reset settings on the confirmation box.
  6. Scan your computer with SpyHunter.
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