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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans

ZoNiSoNaL Ransomware

No one wants to get infected with malware, but sometimes bad things happen to good people. ZoNiSoNaL Ransomware is one of those infections that can turn our lives upside down. If we are ready for ransomware invasions, the brunt of the infection might not be so bad. However, if you’ve never heard of such programs before and you are taken by surprise, there is a possibility that you might have to start building your file library anew. As dauting as it might sound, it is still possible to start building everything from scratch. Just don’t forget to remove ZoNiSoNaL Ransomware from your system.

Since it is often hard to determine how or when ZoNiSoNaL Ransomware arrives at the target system, it is vital that users learn more about ransomware infections. While it might not be possible to restore the affected files, it is possible to create system and file backups for situations like these.

You can always make copies of your files and store them at external hard drives. Also, the latest versions of operating systems always offer you to create cloud drive storage that would contain most of your files, and you could always access them from another device, in the case ZoNiSoNaL Ransomware (or any other ransomware program for that matter) infects your system and encrypts your data.

Aside from creating file backups, it’s also important that you check out the content you receive from unknown senders. Ransomware programs usually travel via spam email attachments. Those spam emails often are sophisticated enough to convince users that they bring legitimate shipping invoices, financial reports, or other important documents. What’s more, the ransomware installer files also look like the type documents files that you deal with every single day. Hence, it is really easy to fall prey to these scams. If you want to make sure that the file you are about to open is legitimate, you can scan it with a security tool of your choice.

Unfortunately, a lot of users run these ransomware installer files without any second thought. As a result, ZoNiSoNaL Ransomware and other similar infections manage to infiltrate target systems. Once the program is installed, it runs a full system scan and locates all the file types it can encrypt. We know for sure that ZoNiSoNaL Ransomware encrypts all picture and document file types, so the chances are that almost all of your personal files will be locked up once the encryption is complete.

To make matters worse, ZoNiSoNaL Ransomware also drops a ransom note. The note file will appear in every single directory that has encrypted files. Although the ransom note should provide you with file recovery instructions, you will do yourself a favor if you ignore the note and all it has to say. Here’s an extract from the said note:


I am truly sorry to inform you that all your important files are crypted.
Attention! I do not offer for free the decrypt key’s, for that you have to pay 0.14 BITCOIN.
After the payment you will receive the key’s to decrypt your files and a tutorial

So technically, ZoNiSoNaL Ransomware expects you to pay over 1,300 USD for the decryption key that might not even exist. What’s more, paying for the decryption key would empower these criminals to carry on their malicious activities. Therefore, you should not even consider contacting these crooks.

If you feel at a loss, it’s better to address a local IT professional, who would give you more file recovery options. Or maybe you have copies of your files saved someplace else, but you’re just not aware of that? Think about it.

As far as the removal of ZoNiSoNaL Ransomware is concerned, it’s rather easy. The program doesn’t drop additional files, so you just have to remove the files that installed the malware on your computer. If you are not sure that you can do it on your own, please feel free to acquire a powerful security application that will terminate all the malicious threats for you automatically. At the same time, by investing in a security tool, you would protect your system from other threats that might try to jeopardize your system’s security in the near future.

How to Remove ZoNiSoNaL Ransomware

  1. Remove the latest files from Desktop.
  2. Go to the Downloads folder.
  3. Delete the most recent files from the folder.
  4. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Press OK.
  5. Clear the directory.
  6. Use SpyHunter to scan your computer.
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