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If you are thinking about downloading SearchBits, we suggest changing your mind. If you have downloaded it already, we suggest deleting it from your Google Chrome browser without hesitation. Why should you do that? The answer is simple. This seemingly harmless extension is a PUP (potentially unwanted program) that was created for the purpose of exposing you to sponsored search results. Therefore, if you were made to believe that this search tool is trustworthy and can offer you great services, you now need to change your perception. If you are confused, and do not understand why we classify a harmless search tool as a threat, you really ought to read this report. If you have found this report because you want to remove SearchBits as quickly as possible, we are glad to provide you with useful removal tips and also a step-by-step guide. So, continue reading, and take note of any questions that might come up. We are ready to answer them all in the comments section below.

SearchBits was created by Aztec Media, a well-known PUP producer. According to our researchers, this suspicious extension could travel bundled with another Aztec Media PUP named “Crypto Hub.” Both of these extensions have unique download websites and installers on the Chrome Web Store. The PUP we are discussing in this report can be found at, but the download link routes to the installer at Of course, you could have been introduced to the suspicious extension in a completely different way. Perhaps its installer showed up on your screen when you were browsing unreliable websites? And maybe you acquired it bundled with another suspicious program or extension? Whatever the case might be, the PUP always acts the same. First and foremost, it modifies your Google Chrome browser by adjusting search settings. Our researchers have found that it can change the default search provider to Crypto Hub can change the New Tab/homepage, and so they complement one another greatly.

According to the Privacy Policy supporting SearchBits – and you can find it at – cookies are employed to gather information about users’ browsing behavior and interaction with the content that is introduced to them. The same policy also informs that personal information can be collected “to provide service announcements and notices, promotional messages and market the our service.” To put it simply, SearchBits can be used as an advertising tool. How does that work? When you activate the PUP’s search engine – which you do by entering search keywords into the browser’s address bar – you are routed to Yahoo Search via These results are not normal search results that you would see on Instead, they are modified and include sponsored content. Who are the parties that can inject their sponsored links into the search results you see? We do not know this, and this poses a threat to your virtual security. After all, we cannot deny that malicious parties could not be involved. Also, note that these unknown parties could also gain access to some of the information that the PUP collects.

Whether you want to delete SearchBits because it is useless, because it changes the default search provider and redirects to Yahoo Search, because it modifies the results to include sponsored content, or because it tracks personal information, you have to figure out how you want to get rid of this potentially unwanted program. The removal instructions below are meant to aid those who want to remove SearchBits manually. As you can see, not too many steps need to be completed. Also, half of these steps show how to clear browsing data. We recommend clearing it to get rid of cookies that could store information about you and your virtual preferences. Was the PUP installed along with other suspicious extensions or programs? If that has happened, you need to delete them too, and we advise taking a shortcut by implementing a legitimate anti-malware program that will get rid of all PUPs and threats automatically.

SearchBits Removal

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Enter chrome://exetensions into the address bar.
  3. In the Extensions menu, Remove the PUP.
  4. Go to chrome://settings/clearBrowserData.
  5. In the menu at the top, click Advanced.
  6. Select an appropriate time range.
  7. Mark appropriate boxes.
  8. Click Clear data.
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