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Why did you install GalaxySpin onto your Google Chrome browser? Was it because this extension promises to offer the “best way to search” the web? That is how the extension is described on the Chrome Web Store, at Webcoapps is the developer of this add-on, and it is also the developer of Rolling Search, Twisted Search, SearchZilla, Vista Search, and Searchsio. These are potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that have been analyzed and reported on our website, and so if you are dealing with any of them specifically, you should check their removal guides. In this report, we show how to delete GalaxySpin, which is also classified as a PUP. If you have no qualms about getting rid of this extension because you already know how useless or unreliable it is, follow the instructions below. If you think you could learn more about it to understand it better, please continue reading. Also, remember that you can always ask us questions in the comments area.

The Chrome Web Store appears to be the main source of GalaxySpin, but users could also install it from That being said, we believe that most people will install this potentially unwanted program when they interact with bundled downloaders. Do you remember downloading a desirable or attractive program recently? Do you remember other programs or extensions being attached to it? Our point is that if you downloaded GalaxySpin along with something else, you should research the additional programs/extensions quickly because you do not want to be oblivious to more serious threats. The PUP itself can cause issues because even though it can help you search the web, it does that in an unreliable way. If you have installed the PUP already, you know that it represents itself as a search engine. According to our research team, the PUP changes the default search provider to If you enter keywords into the PUP’s search engine or the address bar of your browser, you are meant to face Yahoo Search results, but these results are brought to you after getting rerouted via a third-party search engine.

When GalaxySpin redirects your search results, it also modifies them. That means that the Yahoo Search results you see are not exactly normal. They represent sponsored links that the PUP’s creator is paid to promote. If the parties associated with the PUP are harmless, you could be safe interacting with them. But what if these parties are not harmless? What if they are unreliable advertisers, who are using scams and tricks to sell you products or introduce you to untrustworthy services? These are the reasons why you need to be careful about what kinds of search results you interact with. It is also important to be cautious about the notifications you interact with as well. Have you enabled any notifications from If you have, you might be flooded with sponsored links/ads randomly. In the guide below, we have included steps that show how to remove unwanted notifications from Google Chrome. Should you delete the PUP as well? We believe that you should, and not just because you could be put at risk. The services of the add-on are useless overall, and so there is no reason to take risks for it.

You can follow the guide below to delete GalaxySpin and disable unwanted notifications, but this manual removal solution is good only if you know for a fact that there are no other PUPs or more serious threats hanging around. If you discover threats – and we suggest letting a trusted malware scanner to inspect your system – we recommend installing a legitimate anti-malware tool immediately. It is programmed to automatically detect and remove GalaxySpin. Moreover, it is programmed to keep you safe in the future. Unfortunately, PUPs are the least of our worries, as there are tons of much more serious threats, like trojans, ransomware, keyloggers, RATs, etc. That does not mean that you should ignore PUPs in general. That being said, when much more dangerous threats are lurking, PUPs tend to be overlooked, which is why you need comprehensive system protection. If you are not going to install anti-malware software, at the very least, be cautious about the files/programs/extensions you download and install from now on.

GalaxySpin Removal

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt+F and click More tools.
  3. Click Extensions and Remove the PUP.
  4. Tap Alt+F again and click Settings.
  5. Click Site Settings under Privacy and security.
  6. Click Notifications and find
  7. Click the More actions (three dots) button on the right.
  8. Click Remove or Block.
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