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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

Search and Newtab

If you receive a browser extension called Search and Newtab, your new tab page could get replaced with a website called The mentioned website might provide a search box and if you use it, you could get redirected to Since you can use Google search engine without having to install any extensions, such functionality could be disappointing. If it is not what you expected when you downloaded this extension, you could erase it at any time. At the end of this article, we display instructions that could help you delete Search and Newtab manually. If the process seems too complicated or the application appears on your browser again, you might want to use a legitimate antimalware tool that could eliminate the undesirable tool once and for all. If you want to learn more details about it first, we recommend the rest of this article.

First, we believe it is important to know where Search and Newtab might come from. At the moment of writing it is available on Chrome Web Store. However, we doubt that users who find it there would want to download it. That is because almost all the extension’s reviews available on this platform give it only one start out of five. Besides, according to multiple users reviews the application is irritating, difficult to get rid of, and some users even think that it could be a virus. Of course, not everyone reads user reviews and some users could still obtain the discussed extension from there. It is also possible that users could find it on file-sharing websites. As you see, the application falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs and tools from such category are often distributed through redirects, pop-up ads, and unreliable file-sharing websites.

Consequently, we advise downloading tools only from reputable websites if you want to avoid applications like Search and Newtab. Also, users who do not want potentially unwanted programs on their computers should always research software before downloading it. The most important things to learn is whether the chosen tool was developed by a reputable company and if it has positive expert and user reviews. If you cannot find any information about the program’s creator, you may want to look for another tool if you do not want to risk downloading an unreliable application. We advise doing the same if you find negative expert or user reviews. Also, reviews can be forged to make software look more trustworthy or beneficial, so if you find reviews that seem to be praising a tool a bit too much, we recommend not to trust them blindly. Especially if there are more negative reviews. As an extra precaution, you can always employ a reliable antimalware tool that could warn you about doubtful tools and help you keep your system clean and safe.

Furthermore, we ought to talk about what could change if Search and Newtab appears on your browser, which can only happen if you use Google Chrome. Apparently, the extension is not compatible with any other browsers for now. What it can do to Google Chrome browsers is change their new tab pages with a website called As said earlier, this website might seem like it provides a powerful search engine, but it appears to be using to gather and display search results. As a result, users who could be expecting for an original search engine might feel disappointed. What’s more, users who install Search and Newtab might start receiving notifications because the application might ask for permission to “Display notifications” during its installation or afterwards. If this happens, we advise staying alert because notifications from a potentially unwanted program might be unreliable.

On the other hand, if you do not want to risk seeing questionable ads or have a search engine on your new tab that simply redirects you to another search engine, you could erase Search and Newtab. You could uninstall it via Control Panel or delete its data manually as shown in our removal instructions placed below. If the potentially unwanted program keeps reappearing, you could try to reset your browser as well. However, we believe the easiest way to eliminate Search and Newtab is to scan your computer with a reliable antimalware tool and then erase the undesirable extension along with other detections by clicking the tool’s provided removal button.

Remove Search and Newtab

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Check this directory: %AppData%
  3. Search for the extension's folder titled SearchNewTab, right-click this folder, and press Delete.
  4. Close File Explorer.
  5. Empty Recycle Bin.
  6. Restart your computer.
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