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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

My Video Converter

My Video Converter promises to help you access links to the “most popular video converters.” The name of the extension reveals that it should offer file-conversion services, but can it be trusted? Our research team does not think that it can. Once it is installed, it appears to promote alone, and even if you can use this website to convert files, the extension itself does not appear to be beneficial. If you did not install this PUP (potentially unwanted program), you could still access the same website via your browser, and you could even bookmark it for easy-access. Whenever you install new applications or extensions, you want to make sure that they are useful and reliable, and this PUP fits neither mold. As you might have figured out already, our team recommends removing My Video Converter, and if you want to learn why doing that might be the best option, we suggest that you continue reading this report. Do not forget that a comments section is open, and you can add any of your questions.

Eightpoint Technologies, Ltd. represents My Video Converter, as well as hundreds of other PUPs, including Email Search Tools, Your Search Tool, Find A Flight Pro, or Breaking News Plus. The company represents the PUP for Google Chrome users at, and represents the PUP’s installer. The Privacy Policy supporting it can be viewed at According to the permissions and the privacy policies, My Video Converter can record information and also share it with unknown advertisers. What do advertisers have to do with the PUP? Well, you might have noticed already that it introduces its own search tool via, and if you enter keywords into the provided search box, you are redirected to Although Yahoo Search has a good reputation among users all over the world, the PUP modifies the results that are shown to include the links from advertisers. In our eyes, this is the top reason to delete the PUP from Google Chrome immediately.

My Video Converter reads your browsing history to know exactly what you are searching, what websites you are visiting, and what kinds of online offers/ads you are interacting with. This is what helps the unknown advertisers to approach you with more attractive links, and this could lead you to various unknown places. Can you guarantee that all links injected by My Video Converter can be trusted? Our research team cannot guarantee that, and that is why we do not trust the search tool introduced by the PUP. The extension employs tracking cookies to record information, and so after you delete it, you also want to take care of the cookies themselves. Luckily, deleting the PUP and the cookies associated with it is pretty easy, and you should be able to handle the task even if you are inexperienced. Before you initiate the removal, we want you to scan your operating system and browsers. There is a good chance that trusted security software is not yet protecting your system, and you can start by installing a free malware scanner to determine whether My Video Converter is the only piece of software that you need to delete from your system. If other threats are found, do NOT ignore them.

Do you see how much you need to do to delete My Video Converter completely? Mere five steps is all it takes, and we are sure that you can handle that much even if you are busy or inexperienced. Of course, this is just the most basic option. It is much better to employ anti-malware software to inspect the system and clear all threats automatically. This is the only option for you if other threats exist and if you lack reliable protection altogether. Note that while PUPs can be harmful in some ways, there are far worse infections – such as trojans, ransomware, and fake malware removal tools – that could slither into your system using false promises and smart disguises. If you are not prepared to protect yourself against these kinds of threats, you will never be safe. If you are determined to remove My Video Converter manually, use the guide below, but do not forget that your virtual security is vulnerable. Fix that as soon as possible.

My Video Converter Removal

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Type chrome://extensions/ into the address bar and tap Enter.
  3. Remove the undesirable extension.
  4. Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar and tap Enter.
  5. Choose time range and boxes and then click the Clear data button.
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