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Awesome Movies Search

Awesome Movies Search is meant to be a useful and fun extension for Google Chrome users. It is introduced by Awesome Media, and there are other applications created by this company. One of them is Awesome Sports Search, and we have reviewed it in the past. Both extensions are classified as PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) because they are not as amazing as they might appear to be at first. Once installed, they have the power to show notifications, and these could be reserved for third-party advertisements. Even if you are not bothered by ads from suspicious parties, the extension itself is not all that useful. Unfortunately, the well-known Yahoo Search engine is employed, and that might be the users’ favorite part. Well, if you enjoy Yahoo Search this much, we suggest setting it as your default search provider or even the homepage after you remove Awesome Movies Search. Do you need to delete this PUP? You can decide that for yourself once you are done reading the report prepared by our malware experts.

It appears that Awesome Movies Search is officially introduced to users via the Chrome Web Store at The info on this page suggests that the extension has 500,000+ users, and it has mostly positive reviews. Clearly, the users are enjoying the PUP, or the reviews are forged. If the extension is downloaded from this source, users are informed that it displays notifications and changes search settings. If Awesome Movies Search is installed from a third-party source, users might not know about this. According to our research team, there is a good chance that Chrome users could be introduced to the installer of the PUP when they visit unreliable websites as well. Were you browsing the web and then suddenly got redirected to a page or were introduced to a pop-up presenting the installer of this extension? Perhaps, the PUP came bundled with something else that you tried to download from an unreliable file-sharing website? The bottom line is that if this extension exists, it is a good idea to implement a malware scanner to check if there isn’t anything more serious to delete.

Once installed, Awesome Movies Search changes the default search engine on your Google Chrome web browser to This search engine has the same interface as the original Awesome Media search engine, If you type keywords into the search box or your browser’s address bar, you are redirected to Yahoo Search. The good news is that the results are not modified. If you type “M” into the address bar and then tap the “Tab” key, you should activate an original search engine by Awesome Movies Search, and when you type in a movie name, you should be redirected to a website that is meant to help you “watch trailers, explore popular movies and TV shows.” Well, if you want trailers, go to, and if you need movie/TV-related information, go to,, or another reputable source. Awesome Movies Search will not help you stream movies or TV series for free. Instead, it will make it possible for “third-party partners” to employ their own cookies and track and analyze your activity as well as “serve advertisements and/or personalized content.” If you realize just how intrusive that might be, we are sure that you will choose to delete the PUP.

If you are worried about deleting Awesome Movies Search because you have never done that before, worry no more. Our comprehensive guide below will help you remove the potentially unwanted program from Google Chrome immediately. Note that clearing browsing data is important too because you want to make sure that no unwanted cookies are left behind. If the malware scanner you used to inspect your system and determine what other threats besides the PUP exist on your operating system found anything, it might be best to install a legitimate anti-malware tool. Install it and let it automatically remove Awesome Movies Search along with other unreliable pieces as well as secure your Windows operating system and the installed web browsers. If you would like to continue the discussion, use the comments area below to post your questions.

Awesome Movies Search Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome and then tap Alt+F keys at the same time.
  2. In the Chrome menu on the right, click More tools.
  3. Click Extensions and then Remove the unwanted extension.
  4. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys to access the Clear browsing data menu.
  5. Pick a time range, select boxes, and click Clear data.
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