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Decent Search

If you’ve been wondering how you can improve your web search experience, you’ve probably thought about using various browser extensions for that. However, we would like to suggest against using Decent Search for that because this Chrome extension is a potentially unwanted program. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the extension doesn’t work. It also doesn’t mean that this application is a malicious computer security threat. However, we have to keep in mind that this program often gets added to browsers accidentally, and if that happened to you as well, you should remove Decent Search today.

Since Decent Search is far from a malicious computer infection, the extension has several official sources. It is possible to get it at the Chrome Web Store, and it also has an official homepage via This is actually the website that you will see on your browser when this extension gets added to your list of plug-ins. At first, it might seem that you have been affected by a browser hijacker, but please do not forget that Decent Search performs these modifications on your browser only after you give it such permission. If you don’t remember allowing this extension to modify your browser’s settings, you clearly need to review your web browsing habits.

As mentioned, Decent Search has official distribution sources, but potentially unwanted programs often use several routes to reach their targets. It is very common to find such extensions bundled with freeware. Users tend to download freeware from file-sharing websites, and when they install such applications, they fail to notice the additional apps and features that are added “for free.” Decent Search might as well be one of them. So, you could avoid adding such extensions to your browser if you were more careful during freeware installation processes.

Also, it would be a good idea to refrain from visiting suspicious websites that are full of flash advertisements and other commercial content. Usually, those are video steaming sites, gaming pages, and other websites that strongly rely on third-party advertising to remain afloat. Sometimes, clicking anywhere on such a page results in unwanted software download, or you see multiple redirects. Some of those redirects might offer Decent Search, too. If you encounter such pop-ups or redirects, be reasonable and close them without any further ado. If the pop-up resists being closed, you can always close your browser’s process by pressing Alt+F4.

Now, when Decent Search is added to your system, this extension changes your default search engine to Usually, when search engine settings are modified by such extensions, your search queries get redirected to popular search engines, but you are displayed modified search results. Our research suggests that Decent Search doesn’t do that. In other words, it doesn’t display modified search results. It simply redirects you to the Google search page. So, what’s the point of having this extension in the first place?

According to the official promotion, Decent Search is there to help you search information about “selected text.” For example, you’re reading something online, and you want to find out what a particular word means, or you need to research a term. With Decent Search added to your browser, you should be able to highlight the text and then automatically run a web search on it. But, doesn’t that ring a bell? Most of the popular browsers have that kind of feature already. Although Decent Search might seem like a useful tool, the truth is that it is redundant, and there is no guarantee that it wouldn’t expose you to corrupted 3rd party content in the long run.

Hence, we would recommend removing Decent Search today. Again, we would like to point out that this extension is not a malicious computer security threat, but it would definitely be for the better to remove it from your computer. If you do not want to do it on your own, you can always invest in a licensed antispyware tool that would terminate the extension for you automatically. Please note that the security tool of your choice has have Decent Search in its definitions, or else it won’t delete it. For that, you can try using SpyHunter because this tool includes Decent Search in its potentially unwanted programs list.

How to Delete Decent Search

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and select More tools.
  3. Navigate to Extensions.
  4. Locate Decent Search and click Remove.
  5. Run a full system scan with SpyHunter.
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