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Best Coupons Now Promos

Best Coupons Now Promos is a potentially unwanted program that works like browser extension. It is compatible with the Chrome browser, and it might be added quite accidentally. The thing with potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) is that they are they not malicious computer infections, but users are often confused about their origins. The good news is that you can remove Best Coupons Now Promos without too much difficulty, and it should be possible to avoid similar applications in the future. You just need to learn a little bit more about their distribution patterns, and how you can stop them from entering your system.

First, we would like to point out that Best Coupons Now Promos has an official homepage, you can easily access it via Also, let’s not forget that you cannot access the website unless you are in the USA. So, it means that Best Coupons Now Promos are targeted directly at the US users. Aside from that, it is also possible to find the extension on the Chrome Web Store. Which only shows that there is nothing inherently malicious about the application. The question is just whether you want it or not. And if you don’t want it, how it manages to reach your computer?

Well, it goes without saying that PUPs have more distribution channels, and the official ones are just a fraction of routes that these programs can take to reach you. Best Coupons Now Promos could easily come bundled with freeware. So, if you often download programs from file-sharing websites, you should clearly check every single step in the installation wizard. Sometimes, the additional programs are presented in certain steps that users skip because they don’t deem that important. But if you breeze through freeware installation, you might end up with multiple unwanted apps on-board, and Best Coupons Now Promos might be one of them.

If Best Coupons Now Promos reaches your system accidentally, you might think that you were infected with a browser hijacker because this extension modifies your browser’s settings. Based on what we know, this extension requires permission to “read your browsing history.” It means that it may not change your default homepage or search engine, but the extension clearly employs tracking cookies to collect information on the websites you visit and the search keywords you use. According to the information provided by the official website, there’s an extensive list of things that Best Coupons Now Promos collects.

Technically, the extension says that “by monitoring your web browsing activity, we can make sure offers and promotions are tailored to you.” To “tailor” those promotions to you, the extension collects the URLs you use, page titles, device information (like your browser type and operating system version), IP address, and other information. Best Coupons Now Promos says that before sending this information to its servers, it removes sensitive data strings to protect your privacy. However, who can ever guarantee that the content Best Coupons Now Promos promotes will always be safe?

This is the main security concern associated with Best Coupons Now Promos and other similar applications. We have to remember that these extensions do not review the content they promote. So, in the wort-case scenario, it would be possible for a malevolent third party to redirect you to a dangerous website if you click on something that Best Coupons Now Promos promotes. Sure, it might seem that this extension is here to help you save money on your shopping, but who can guarantee that Best Coupons Now Promos promotes only safe offers? The bottom line is that you should never trust an app if you didn’t intend to install it yourself.

As mentioned, it is not hard to remove Best Coupons Now Promos and other similar applications. You just need to delete the extension via your browser’s settings menu. However, afterwards, you should scan your computer with a security tool of your choice because the chances are that you have more PUPs installed, too. You might also find several suspicious applications on your computer, so you should remove them all automatically, no questions asked. Don’t hesitate to protect your system from dangerous intruders. You can do it with a licensed antispyware tool and responsible web browsing habits.

How to Remove Best Coupons Now Promos

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and click More tools.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Find Best Coupons Now Promos and click Remove.
  5. Scan your system with the SpyHunter free scanner.
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