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Find Your Packages Promos

Find Your Packages Promos seems to be a package-tracking tool. However, its description on Chrome Web Store starts with: “Receive relevant advertisements as you browse the internet. By monitoring your web browsing activity, we can make sure offers and promotions are tailored to you.” Thus, it looks like showing users targeted advertisements could be one of the main application’s features along with providing the package-tracking tool. Naturally, if you do not like seeing tailored ads while browsing, you should ask yourself whether you wish to keep a browser extension that might display such ads. If you need to learn more about this add-on first, we advise you to read the rest of this article. On the other hand, if you have already decided that you wish to erase Find Your Packages Promos, you could check the instructions available below this text.

For starters, users should know that Find Your Packages Promos is classified as a potentially unwanted program. Applications that fall under this category are not malicious, but they could have unwanted or annoying functionalities. As you can probably guess, one of the irritating qualities of this extension could be its tailored advertising content. The application’s description might make it sound like most of the ads on the Internet are not targeted, which would be untrue because nowadays most of websites provide users with tailored ads if they only let them gather their browsing information that would determine what users like. Thus, the ability to show tailored ads is not anyhow unique or special.

Moreover, our researchers say that most of the permissions that Find Your Packages Promos may require might be needed for it to be able to show advertisements and not to provide users with package-tracking tools. For instance, three particular permissions listed as “tabs,” “idle,” and “Read and change all your data on the websites you visit” are said to be need to either show or not show advertisements (when a user away from his computer). You should know that the permission to read and change data on websites that you visit might allow the potentially unwanted program to replace some ads on your visited sites with ads from the extension’s third-party partners. Such behavior could be annoying if you do not want to miss original offers of the sites that you visit.

The reason why the application might be able to provide you with tailored ads is because it may require a permission to “Read your browsing history.” Meaning, Find Your Packages Promos could see what kind of websites you visit, which ads you click, what you search on the Internet, and data alike. Such information could allow it to determine what you might be interested in and pick ads accordingly. What is important to know about the ads that the extension might show is that they could come from its third-party partners that could also promote potentially unwanted programs and tools alike. Also, there might be no guarantees that third-party ads cannot be unreliable, which is why we recommend being careful with such content.

Lastly, we ought to discuss where Find Your Packages Promos comes from. At the moment of writing, the extension is available on Chrome Web Store and its official website known as Also, it is possible that like other potentially unwanted programs the add-on could be distributed via pop-ups or other ads, bundled software installers, and redirects. Thus, users who want to avoid such applications should be careful not to launch setup files obtained from unreliable file-sharing websites or interact with questionable ads.

All in all, Find Your Packages Promos may provide a useful tool to track packages, but it may also have annoying functionality. If you think that it’s annoying qualities outweighs the good ones, you could track your packages via websites belonging to the companies that deliver them. To users who decide to erase Find Your Packages Promos manually, we can offer our removal instructions available below. Also, like most potentially unwanted programs, the extension could be eliminated with a reliable antimalware tool.

Remove Find Your Packages Promos

  1. Launch your Google Chrome.
  2. Copy the following line: chrome://extensions
  3. Insert it into your browser’s address bar and click Enter.
  4. Look for Find Your Packages Promos, tap Remove, and confirm if needed.
  5. Restart your browser.
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